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Yvoire — French Medieval Town On Lake Geneva

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Yvoire, France

A visit to this picture-perfect village with its’ narrow streets is like taking a walk
back through 700 years of history.





Yvoire is situated at the tip of the Leman peninsula on the shore
of lake Geneva (Lac Leman). The Rhones-Alpes Region of France.

Its’ medieval buildings strikingly decorated with beautiful flower arrangements have
earned it accolades for being one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Once of strategic military importance, it was fortified by Amadeus V in the 14th century.

When touring Geneva or any of the other cities located on Lake Geneva,
visiting Yvoire is a nice day trip.

Things you might like to do in Yvoire:
Explore the garden of the five senses.
Eat at one of the many fine restaurants.
Enjoy the moment by Strolling leisurely along the Lac Leman shoreline.
Take a boat ride on the lake.

I occasionally visit Yvoire on my trips to Geneva.

I think it is appropriate to recommend one restaurant.
I love to have a meal at Hotel-Restaurant du Port.
I find it an enjoyable experience in fine dining,
while overlooking the activities on the pier and Lake.

It is refreshing to be served by a cheerful and accommodating staff.
My favorite fish dish is “filet de perche”  — make sure you order
an extra portion of creamy lemon sauce — Bon appetit.
(Hotel-Restaurant du Port’s URL at bottom of article)

If you have your own transportation, it is approximately a 45 minute
scenic drive from Geneva, Switzerland to Yvoire.

Along the way, you will get a great view of neatly trimmed vineyards and fields of sunflowers. 

Don’t forget your passport as you are crossing into France.
I have never been challenged but there is always a first time.

If you are using public transportation, then it is best to take a train
from Geneva, and rail-it-up on the opposite side of the lake, to the town of
Nyon, Switzerland and then cross the lake by ferry to Yvoire, France.

Depending on the time of year and your departure location you may
desire to take one of Lake Geneva’s pleasure boats.

Below I have posted photo’s I took and I have inserted
some Youtube video’s that you might enjoy.

At the bottom of this article I have listed some URL’s that you
can click on to get more information.

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[photo credits – featured image: “Yvoire-château” by Pymouss44 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]

Yvoire Sur le Leman – posted to Youtube by JPPKeyser

Video of ferry ride from Nyon to Yvoire — posted to Youtube by Toshirozawa

My favorite fish dish starts here
Territory of the Chefs – posted to Youtube by Terroirsdechefs

Cooking filet de perches — posted to Youtube by SuperEric1967



Antique Boat Rally on Lake Geneva – Posted to Youtube by Martine Bocquet

Garden of the five senses

Train from Geneva and connect to ferry in Nyon

Pleasure boats on Lake Geneva



Hotel – Restaurant du Port







Photo’s I took in Yvoire

IMG_1091IMG_1075IMG_1090 IMG_1094 IMG_1100IMG_1105IMG_1101 IMG_1104IMG_1081 IMG_1071IMG_1083

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