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WTO Created A New Webpage Dedicated To Quantitative Restrictions

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: WTO}


Everything you ever wanted to know about quantitative restrictions

The WTO has created a new webpage dedicated to the issue of quantitative restrictions, measures imposed by governments limiting the quantity or value of goods that can be traded.

Such measures may take different forms (quotas, prohibitions, voluntary export restraints, etc.) and must be notified to the WTO under a new procedure. 

The new webpage provides background information on quantitative restrictions, which are generally prohibited under WTO rules except in defined circumstances.

Through this page, Members have direct access to all necessary information on the notification procedure, explanatory documents and the notification form.

The notifications are publicly available through the WTO’s Quantitative Restrictions Database, which can be accessed via the website.

The website also provides links to the activities of the WTO’s Committee on Market Access which examines the quantitative restriction notifications made by members, as well as all disputes where provisions relating to quantitative restrictions (Articles XI and XIII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) are cited in the complaint.

The Quantitative Restrictions webpage can be directly accessed here:


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