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World Economic Forum – Socially Responsible Supply Chains Create Triple Advantage

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World Economic Forum – Report

Socially Responsible Supply Chains Create Triple Advantage: Increased Revenue, Reduced Cost and Greater Brand Value

Beyond Supply Chains – Empowering Value Chains finds that socially responsible supply chains contribute to local development, shrink carbon footprints and boost the company’s competitiveness

Socially responsible products increase revenues by up to 20%, reduce supply chain costs by as much as 16% and boost brand value by up to 30%; they also shrink carbon footprints by as much as 22%

Report identifies 31 socially responsible practices to help companies gain a “triple supply chain advantage”

Geneva, Switzerland, 24 March 2015 – A new report from the World Economic Forum identifies 31 proven practices to help companies achieve a “triple supply chain advantage” of increased revenue, a reduction in supply chain cost and added brand value.

The practices also help companies shrink their carbon footprint and contribute to local development, including the health, welfare and working conditions of the communities in which they operate.

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