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Will NFL Pro Bowl Be Played In An International Site?

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The NFL Pro Bowl has been played in Hawaii every year for the past 35 years since 1980, except for the year 2010 when it lost the bid, because the then Aloha State Governor, Neil Abercrombie, was inclined not to release funds from the state’s coffers as it dealt with budget shortfalls.

The state was paying the NFL US$4 million per game for the rights to hold game in Hawaii, and when realizing letting go of the Pro Bowl would mean saying goodbye to loads of tourists bringing in close to US$30 million in visitor spending and creating over US$3 million in state taxes, the Governor changed his tune.

Unfortunately it was a little too late and a lot like the case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

That year the Pro Bowl was played that in Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

But not to the likes of the football players themselves who made it known that they looked forward to the going to Hawaii at the close of the regular season.

They said they were treated better than when it was held in Florida, and they liked the tradition.

However, for the 2016 Pro Bowl, the NFL is considering a new location once again, maybe even an international site.

The 2016 games will be played in Honolulu on January 31, the Sunday before the Super Bowl.

After that, however, it is up in the air once again. NFL spokesperson Michael Signora said they are even considering Brazil where the American NFL is fast becoming a favorite for football fans.

Hawaii tourism is going to have to step up its game if it wants to keep this tourism draw in the islands.


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