Why Did Donald Trump Withdraw From The Paris Accord?

The United States Withdraws From The Paris Climate Change Agreement

Glaciers and Icebergs at Cape York

When Trump announced that The U.S. was pulling out of the ‘UN Paris Climate Change Agreement’ (Accord de Paris)
he kicked over another ant-pile. His inarticulate blunt rhetoric in announcing the decision set off a fire-storm of enmity.

I was asked for my layman’s opinion on the Trump decision and with a smidgen of embarrassment I admitted I had not been closely
following the proceedings. I didn’t reveal that I had been turned-off years ago by following Agenda-21 which morphed into ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ ( SDG30) and seeing carbon offsets becoming a trading marketplace. I had long since come to the conclusion that the Globalists and Multinational Corporations are the Puppet Masters and I diligently set out to develop a mindset to help me navigate through the plethora of manipulators spewing false narratives.

My main concern with volatile issues, such as this, is that the Government and the Mainstream Media spend days bantering back and forth and very rarely disseminate detailed information to the populace. What is Trump trying to say? What is the objection to the Paris Accord? What does he want to renegotiate?

Setting aside the debates on the causative factors of global warming, because opposing sides can put forth valid arguments.

Let’s look at what part the U.S. plays in the agreement. How does it affect the United States? Every participant in the agreement had to come up with and agree to a ‘percentage of greenhouse gases for ratification’. Apparently, the Obama administration set America’s percentage at 17.89%. Is that a realistic goal in the allotted time frame? At what cost? In comparison Germany’s  percentage is 2.56%, France 1.34%, United Kingdom 1.55%, Italy 1.18%,  Russia 7.53%. The vast majority of  the other nation’s ratification is less than 1.0%. China (Hong Kong,Macau) comes in at the top with 20.09%. Good luck monitoring that.

After Obama/Kerry threw the 17.89% in the climate change ring, Trump’s withdrawal must have left a big dent in the proceedings.
My unanswered question is, if  the U.S. had signed-off on the Climate Change Accord and could not attain the goals as set forth in the prior commitment, made in 2016, would that be in violation of a ‘binding agreement’ and fines and/or penalties would be levied on the United States for non-compliance?

The Paris Accord sets the stage for financial mechanisms to combat global warming, such as Public Private Partnerships,Nationally Determined Contributions, Grant-Based Financing, etc. — that obligation drops down to the bottom line of individual taxpayers. The United States, historically, for decades, has contributed more than its’ fair share to International Organizations, NGO’s, Humanitarian Aid, etc.

Maybe it is time we take a closer look at the unintended consequences (To The Homeland) of international agreements before we make a commitment.

I don’t think ‘The Donald’ is opposed to the anti-global warming crowd as much as he professes to be. Business is Business. Deals are Deals.
Contracts are Contracts (offer,acceptance and ‘consideration’).

Maybe, if the UN Participating Nations would ‘consider’ listening to the U.S. objections why we cannot meet the greenhouse gases ratification obligations the previous administration had so generously offered — and bring them in line with the countries on our contiguous borders
(Mexico 1.70%, Canada 1.95%) — then maybe, just maybe, the U.S. would join the Climate Change Agreement and it would be love, peace, and happiness for all mankind.

George Stewart

[Photo Credits-Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons- credits embedded]
[Reference: Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Agreement#Nationally_determined_contributions_and_their_limits]



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