Veteran Groups Advocate Use Of Medical Marijuana For Treatment Of PTSD

Battling PTSD (4949341330)

NEW YORK (AP) – It was a telling setting for a decision on whether post-traumatic stress disorder patients could use medical marijuana. Against the backdrop of the nation’s largest Veterans Day parade, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this month he’d sign legislation making New York the latest in a fast-rising tide of states to OK therapeutic…


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  • Michael L. Reidy

    MJ is a tool…that must be taken at minimal amounts with a good mindset. Meaning…I have plans, what i am going to read and or do. Garbage in / Garbage out applies. MJ does not make you better person, but it can help you if that is your intent. Your still you. So focus on your core values, your health, your faith. Being grateful is a choice. MJ is a tool…to enhance focus on the big picture of life. It is there to help settle your soul. But again, its a choice to “see” truth. To know where your really going in life does not require a substance to drink, eat or smoke. MJ is a gift. Not to be abused.

    • Good advice… Caution for those with addictive personalities. Many will use MJ to supplement their alcohol consumption.
      I am not an advocate of steering ‘Individuals’ suffering from psychological problems to taking Drugs or MJ.
      I would prefer to see them get on a rigorous physical fit program, eat right,think right,visualize and stay away from substances that
      interfere with self-help efforts. Many that step-up and learn to deal with their own problems succeed.
      Pull up that strength from within.
      Start with silently repeating this phrase throughout the day — “If it is to be, It is up to me” — Let your subconscious work on that.
      Be aware of the fact that from the day that you were born, no one owes you anything. Use that realization to help yourself understand that
      you are vested with the responsibility of directing your own life. Life is all about choices,

      • Michael L. Reidy

        That was great stuff. I mean that. I will remember your quotes. You obviously have great insight.
        I after combat I became a different man. Then i spent 9 more yrs back in Iraq / AFGHAN before I was hurt and made my 1st visit to VA. Such darkness.
        My 5th surgery was a 4 level CSpine fusion 4 months ago.

      • Michael L. Reidy

        I assure you, the VA offered me all sorts of PTSD drugs but I refused to try any. I did not turn to alcohol to ease my pain. I turned to excersize and my faith….MJ was offered to me by some very special people that i knew loved me. I tried because its something that grows naturally. Thousands of yrs ago Incas chewed coco leaves. We have managed to make a mess of the Coco gift too. Alcohol prohibition passed because a lot of people were destroying themselves…But as we learned, it’s not the alcohol that’s the true villian; it is man and his greed.
        Not sure what your faith is but I believe Christ turned water into wine; very good wine…not so people would get drunk but that it was (among more important things) a loving thing to do for Mother Mary and the Marriage Calibration or Party. Did some folks get plasterd at this party? It’s not a huge stretch to believe but I would not blame God or say He enabled a drunk. I don’t see God chastising Noah (A Righteous Man) for making wine or falling asleep in his tent butt naked. The problem is that some people want to make the gift bad borecause they lack the discipline to use it. At the same time, I am required to understand and repect the conscious of my Brother.
        I believe good people sometimes suffer needlessly. This is wrong.