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Uruguay Uses Technology To Generate Solid Recovered Fuel From waste

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: UYgov}

Environmental protection and energy

ALUR plant will generate 50,000 tons of solid fuel based on waste per year

A set of ANCAP project, Alcohols Uruguay SA and the Municipality of Canelones will generate 50,000 tons per year of solid recovered fuel from waste. The fuel obtained is used as energy in cement plants, the organic fraction will be used to produce biogas, compost or liquid fuels and more than 11,000 tons of reusable materials are recovered.

ANCAP, Uruguay SA Alcohols (ALUR) and the Government of Canelones subscribe, Tuesday 5 to 16:00, an agreement to develop materials recovery, energy recovery and disposal of municipal solid waste in that department.

The agreement aims to produce solid recovered fuel to be used in cement plants ANCAP.The project includes the closure of the existing landfill Cañada Grande – north of Empalme Olmos – and the construction of an industrial plant that will be operational in the first quarter of 2016, where nearly 600 tons per day of municipal solid waste will be processed.

The technology will enable the generation of nearly 50,000 tons per year of solid recovered fuel from waste, which is then used as energy in the furnaces of cement plants. It will also facilitate the use of organic waste to produce biogas, compost or liquid fuels and the recovery of more than 11,000 tons per year of reusable materials.

In the first instance -adelantó ALUR in a statement of the press, it is expected that the proposed plant will process only “dirty” waste fraction department. This implies that the fraction NEC origin, thus respecting existing initiatives in Canelones classification be used.

Project financing will be achieved, among other variables, with the sale of solid fuel recovered cement, replacing coking coal – imported fossil fuel – with the recovery of organic fraction – through composting or biogas – and the sale of recovered materials.




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