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Uruguay Trade Report For First Quarter 2015

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: UYgov}

Uruguay Trade and Regional Economy

Astori: “Low exports is moderate and responds to economic downturn”

In the first quarter of 2015 exports of goods from Uruguay they experienced a drop of 4.4% compared to the same period of 2014. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Danilo Astori, considered that the decline was moderate and responded to a slowdown Uruguay’s economy, which is derived mainly from the difficulties facing countries in the region.

According to the Foreign Trade Report Exports and Imports of Uruguay XXI Institute, for April, accumulated from January to April 2015, applications for exports reached US $ 2.706 million, implying a fall of 4.4% the same period in 2014.

The minister said Astori   in recent months there was a slight decline in exports that can be quantified, especially exports of goods that are most readily quantifiable. In this regard, he clarified that the full year, the fall in exports over the first four months of 2014 is observed is moderate.

He explained that the reason for this moderate decline after several years of steady growth, the slowdown is affecting Uruguay following the crisis in the region.

In services, he continued the minister, one of which is recorded is tourism, and the figures for the last season did not show a dramatic decline from the previous season or a situation that merits concern. There was a moderate drop in the level of tourist arrivals and expenditures of these tourists over the previous year. “The slowdown also reflected in exports of goods and services but so far the effects have been mild.”

Meanwhile, Alvaro Garcia said the current context of the Uruguay is growing, but in a region that lives complications with some countries in recession. It stated that the definition is to advance some aspects that relate to mezzo and micro economy, which are outlined in the government program and which were reflected in the bills that Parliament be sent, as the National Competitiveness System, the development funds among other tools.

He said working with all the forces that make the economy and therefore meetings with business chambers were made ​​in a clear demonstration that the country has to move forward in competitiveness, with roles for the public sector and the private sector. “The goal is to further strengthen the capabilities of the Uruguayan economy,” he said.

Minister Danilo Astori and OPP director Alvaro Garcia participated Thursday 7 of a press conference to report on progress made ​​in developing the five-year budget for the period 2016 -2020.



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