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Uruguay Exporting live cattle To United Arab Emirates

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: UYgov}

Livestock Trade – Uruguay (translated)


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Uruguay live cattle exported to UAE

The director of Livestock Services of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), Francisco Muzio, announced that Uruguay is entitled to export live cattle to the United Arab Emirates.
The approval extends to cattle breeding, slaughter and fattening and breeding and slaughtering sheep. The chief considered reasonable that our country can reach export 200,000 head of cattle.

The chief said that domestic production met the requirements of five health certificates that the two countries had agreed during negotiations held in Montevideo in January.“This opens an important opportunity for the livestock sector,” she added.


“The religious beliefs of that country influenced to purchase cattle and processed meat not because the job must meet special features for consumption,” he said.

Muzio stated that the measure is part of a policy promoted by the MGAP, which involves the opening of other markets, such as Azerbaijan, Georgia and Saudi Arabia, as well as increasing sales to Turkey.

“Uruguay will have very good quality and production to export live cattle and so we have made ​​every effort to incorporate other markets despite having some barriers that should be negotiated to eliminate them,” he stated.

Asked about the number of animals that Uruguay can export up said heads 200,000 is a reasonable figure, because it has 3.4 million potential breeding cows and calves approximately three million.

“These are important figures mean that you can supply the meat industry and also export standing,” said the director of MGAP, Francisco Muzio.


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