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UAE – ‘Higher Colleges Of Technology’ Preparing Students For The Space Industry

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UAE Space Industry

HCT prepares students to join space industry and knowledge economy







DUBAI, – Dr. Abdullatif, Al Shamsi, Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), has outlined the HCT’s priorities for the next five years, which include preparing a generation of academically, scientifically and professionally qualified engineers to meet the requirements of a knowledge-based economy, advanced technology and the space industry.

‘’Our ambitions have no boundaries, and they evolve to keep pace with future aspirations and visions of the wise leadership and the rapid changes in science and technology,’’ Dr. Al Shamsi told the Majarat, the bi-monthly magazine issued by the Mohmmed bin Rashid Space Centre. “We want our graduates to be the job market’s first choice.’’ Al Shamsi pointed out that since the announcement of the UAE entering the global race to explore outer space, there are new challenges for the HCT related to preparing the UAE nationals qualified to enter the space industry.

As the largest higher education institution in the state, (our 17 colleges include nearly 20,000 students in different emirates), the HCT will be a huge contributor to the emergence of the UAE in the demanding field of space.

‘’We have signed a memorandum of understanding with the UAE Space Agency for a five-year period,’’ he explained, adding, that “through this MoU, we will work together on developing human capital and attracting national competencies to the space sector, through granting scholarships, developing academic programs, building advanced laboratories specialized in space programs and satellite systems, providing practical training opportunities for students and supporting their employment in the relevant institutions.’’

Dr. Al Shamsi stressed that the launch of the space science programs does not represent the HCT students’ first contact with the space industry, as the disciplines of engineering offered in the colleges prepare the students for this sector in any case.

‘’The space industry requires professional expertise in various fields such as engineering, technological, mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, electronic and aeronautical engineering. All these disciplines are being taught in our colleges and are characterized by distinguished outputs, in light of their dependence on the applied vocational education based on the ‘learning by doing’ principle.’’

Collaboration with the UAE Space Agency, he added, has been well-received by all those involved in developing the UAE’s space advancement and its long-term benefits. “Through this collaboration, we will develop academic programs specialized in the space sector within the ambit of the college programs, and review the scientific methods associated with it.

“Moreover, the UAE Space Agency will work on providing experts specialized in the development of academic courses related to the space sector to enhance academic programs, and to provide training opportunities for space engineering students, as well as supporting their employment process after graduation in the national relevant institutions.’’ He also explained that in pursuance of the MoU, the UAE Space Agency will grant scholarships to a group of HCT graduates who meet the conditions, starting from this academic year.

‘’Space programs are certainly going to be well-received by the students, many of whom are already pursuing vocational disciplines that lead directly to the space industry. According to Dr. Al Shamsi, “In the light of our youth’s awareness of the fields related to modern industries, many have already joined the disciplines of engineering and aviation sciences.

A total of 5,554 students in colleges are studying engineering disciplines, including 326 students studying aerospace engineering.’’ Dr. Al Shamsi added that the UAE leadership has great hopes for the space sector. “The Emirates Mars Mission and the announcement of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre team in charge of designing and building the Hope Probe to reach the Red Planet, are all inspiring projects that encourage the youth to major in space science disciplines.’’

{Source: Emirates News Agency-WAM/tfaham}

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