UAE – Crown Prince Of Sharjah Praises The Unification Of United Arab Emirates Armed Forces

Crown Prince of Sharjah: “Unification Of The UAE Armed Forces Is A Victory To Our Country And People

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ABU DHABI, 5th May, 2017 -The unification of the UAE Armed Forces is a triumph to the country and its people, being a beacon of unity and development, H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah has said. In his statement on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the Unification of the Armed Forces, which coincides with May 6th each year, the Crown Prince of Sharjah added that the Armed Forces have always been a key partner in development, alongside their duties in the battlefields and defense of the homeland.

He noted that the unification of the armed forces “is the shield for the society to feel the importance of unity and strength within the values of tolerance, peace and diligence.”

Following is the full text of the statement of H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed carried by “Nation Shield Magazine”:

“I extend congratulations to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Supreme Council Members, Their Highness the Rulers of Emirates and the Armed Forces, symbol of pride and dignity, who work side by side with all sectors to maintain the security and stability.

The anniversary of the unification of the armed forces this year comes amid the blessings of security and welfare enjoyed by the UAE. It is a long march whose sole address is unity. Its main pillars are the society and the unification of armed forces as the rallying point of the people of the UAE. They defend the homeland with all determination and offer the sacrifices with great sense of belonging. Our armed forces are equipped with the love of the homeland, which they belong to and sponsors them.
United Arab Emirates soldiers in U.S. Coast Guard training

We have been commemorating for four decades this anniversary, which is a great occasion and represents the first safety valve for this society and the state since its inception. It paves the way for the wise leadership and the society to turn to development.

The unification of the armed forces represent a shield for the society and its members to feel the importance of unity. It is symbol of strength and fortitude for society, which lives on the values of tolerance, peace and diligence.

The anniversary of the unification of the armed forces is one of the most precious national days celebrated by our united nation. This commemoration represents a victory of the will of our country and its people to follow the path of unity to develop society in all fields and make sacrifices for the precious homeland and its loyal people.

Throughout the past 40 years, the young people of the homeland have written their names in the annals of history in the memory of the UAE, where they work in all fields and disciplines. The people of the UAE behold them in their eyes and hearts. The record of our unified armed forces is filled with the names of great men of our community who have been vigilant and working in order to ensure the security and defend our community in terms of families and individuals.

Forty years on, the unified armed forces have been offering all the meanings of sacrifice, redemption and defence of the homeland. The armed forces love the homeland and offer what it takes to consolidate and strengthen the pillars of the society.

The state is built with a strong and unified army, whose watchword is “Love of the homeland.” The development and stability depend on the youth’s unity, therefore, the unification of the armed forces came under one flag, one goal and one action.

We recall on May 6th of each year, as we celebrate the anniversary of the unification of the armed forces, our first martyrs, who gave their dear lives in sacrifice for the homeland . We take pride in the lives of all the martyrs of the duty of our armed forces in all sectors. We also pray to Allah the Almighty to rest the souls of the founding fathers in peace. They had since identified the importance of unity based on unified armed forces, which is fundamental to the Union.

The achievements of the UAE society in terms of prosperity and sustainable development, were triggered by the unification of the armed forces under one banner of a united country. The work was collective and the road clear towards achieving the lofty goals of serving the country in all fields of education, health, economy, and others. All these achievements are felt across the country.

In commemoration of the unification of the armed forces, we must pause to recall the heroic deeds offered by the armed forces for the sake of the UAE. This can be seen in preparedness, strength, cohesion, unity and immunity of the armed forces. We must salute all those who work in order to provide the armed forces with more equipment to become stronger.

We salute all those who strive to make the armed forces more ready at the height of their national concern, with only motto to defend the homeland. The armed forces have been always a key partner in the development process, alongside their duties in the battlefields and in defence of the homeland. “

[Source: Emirates Government News Agency (WAM) -/- Media relations]
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