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U.S. Navy New Training Program Will Emphasize Professional Behavior And Decision Making

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WASHINGTON — The Chief of Naval Personnel announced new training for 2016 that expands on existing efforts made through Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) and fleet-wide training.

The training is called Chart the Course (CTC) and will emphasize positive professional behavior and decision-making. Scenario-based videos and facilitator-led discussions will help Sailors determine how to make the right decisions and behave professionally when facing difficult situations.

“We want our Sailors to live and act, on and off-duty, on and offline, according to the Navy’s Core Values and Ethos, as professionals who treat each other with dignity and respect. With videos and peer-led discussions in Chart the Course, Sailors are going to see difficult moments, tough decision points, and learn what to do,” said Rear Adm. Ann Burkhardt, director, 21st Century Sailor Office.

Burkhardt described the training as opportunity to focus on making the right choices, understanding the consequences, and how it impacts readiness. Leaders expect that discussions among peer groups will cover a spectrum of behaviors and emphasize the importance of leaders at every level to “step up, and step in.”
The training topics include professional behavior, alcohol’s impact on decision making, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and retaliation.

Training will be delivered to all active and reserve personnel by facilitators selected by their commands and will begin in early 2016. New facilitators will be certified by Master Mobile Training Teams (MMTT) from the CTC Task Force and will then deliver the interactive video and facilitated face-to-face (F2F) sessions in small groups to their peers within the command.

Since the training methods are similar, command facilitators certified to instruct the training delivered in 2015 will remain certified to instruct CTC.

CTC satisfies General Military Training requirements for Hazing, Operational Risk Management (ORM), and Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Awareness Command-Assigned Readiness-Enhancement (CARE) General Military Training.
Training must be completed for all Sailors no later than Sept. 30, 2016.

{source: By Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs – Navy News Service}


[photo credits: By U.S. Navy photo by Cryptologic Technician 3rd Class Ryan M. King. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]



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