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Trump Budget Cuts – What Is the Alternative?

I am not happy that meals-on-wheels could suffer under the new Trump budget cuts.

Poor mother and children, Oklahoma, 1936 by Dorothea Lange

However, Meals-on-wheels is not directly funded by the Federal Government. It is supported by a mixture of funds distributed from state and local governments,charity contributions plus volunteer staffers.

I paid directly for my mother’s meals-on-wheels… volunteers brought it to her house… However, MOW did also receive some outside funding from the state.

The Trump administration went after the ‘Community Development Block Grants’, which distributes a portion of federal funds to meals-on-wheel programs. CDBG has been under the scrutiny for budget cuts of past administrations for years, as some federal elected officials feel they are not serving their purpose and/or cost effective.

We will have to wait and see if budget cuts affect The ‘Older Americans Act – Nutrition Program’. Which supports Meal-on-Wheels

Note: ‘Meals on Wheels America‘ and ‘Meals on Wheels‘ are two different organizations.

In the case of meals-on-wheels and other social programs that may suffer under budget cuts, the community has to step-up and pull together. How many residents in your community could afford to contribute $10 a month to social service programs? That would be a tremendous help… ‘citizens helping citizens’… there is a feel good moment there.

Many of the rich Hollywood and Political elite who are the first complainers, as it gets them air time, should be encouraged to donate some of their tons of discretionary income to meals-on-wheels and other legitimate social programs that would help reduce the federal budget. Some of the Celebrity crowd,that seems to have solutions for everything, as long as the government pays for it, could put their money where their mouth is.

I suggest that the Uber rich-class of Americans start giving back to the country that enabled them to attain the financial success that they are experiencing. There is a plethora of estate planning instruments available to the wealthy that would be a win-win for them and reduce their tax hit tremendously. They should explore strategies such as ‘Charitable Remainder Trusts’ (CRT) which would eventually pass down to their charity of choice.

If the celebs and snowflake broadcast journalists (propagandists) want to fund meals-on-wheels… Then they should stop advocating for open borders and insisting that the government shell out Billions of taxpayer money funding illegal aliens that were encouraged by the alt-left Comrades to seek habitation in our country in return for future allegiance to ‘The Party’. Redirect that money to Meals-on-Wheels.

The American citizens should brace themselves for the upcoming budget cuts. Many of the austerity measures forth coming will not be well received by advocates of the ‘Nanny State’. We could end up with whole federal agencies being eliminated.

However, what is the alternative to common sense federal fiduciary policies?

The cold hard fact is that the U.S. Federal Government is underwater financially. The National debt is approximately twenty trillion and floating upwards like a balloon without ballast. We are borrowing money to pay the interest on our national debt. That means that money is being siphoned off from social entitlement programs. This puts us all in a precarious position.

A little off topic, but extremely relevant… as it left a lasting impression on me.

Several years ago I visited Lithuania not long after Mother Russia had gone financially Belly-Up. It happened so fast that it caught the western world off-guard. The CIA didn’t even get a heads up on the financial dire straits that the U.S.S.R. was experiencing.

As I was walking around Vilnius I observed the aftermath of a large government gone broke. Military helicopters left where they sat. A two block KGB compound abandoned, etc…. the staff just walked away. Locals trying to eek out an existence. It took a few years for Russia to gravitate towards some semblance of stability.

My take-away from that experience was that this could happen to any nation that incurs run-away debt due to governmental mismanagement of federal revenue.

I believe the United States is on the precipice of a major economic disaster. The only way that can be avoided is to implement drastic changes in the way the government manages money. The citizens will not like the austerity measures needed to keep America afloat.

What is the alternative?… Wake up one morning to a bankrupt government.

Show me the money.

Is history repeating itself? Citizens should make themselves aware of past economic crises that America has endured and take heed.

The Great American Depression
On Arizona Highway 87, south of Chandler. Maricopa County, Arizona. Children in a democracy. A migra . . . - NARA - 522528

The Dust Bowl (The Dirty 30’s)


Citizens should wake up to the fact the two major issues currently facing America are national security and the debt crisis.

The insane self destructive politics dividing the country needs to end.

All of the citizens with ‘one policy issues’ that have banned together to resist any and all efforts of the current government administration to function properly need to wake up and cease and desist. We should ban together with the commonality of purpose to move this country forward with nation building.
We all have a vested interest in doing this.

Fact: It is impossible for the government to take care of you from ‘cradle to grave’. So stop in the efforts to make that fantasy-land dream-world come into being. Divert your energy into something more productive. Support efforts to get this country back on firm ground.

I am fond of quoting old sayings that I have used to develop a mindset that has helped me, for decades, to navigate the ups and downs of the ‘real world’.

My Two Favorites:

1.) From The Day You Were Born, No One Owes You Anything
If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me


George Stewart



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