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Travel Agents From Uruguay Attended Brazilian Tourism Workshop In Chuy

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More than 350 Uruguayans travel agents attended the annual workshop of the “Unión de Viajes agents del Interior – UAVI” in the city of Chuy.

For two days the tourist trade professionals listened to lectures and training with key representatives of the tourism chain of Uruguay. Invited by the organizers of the event, Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) was represented by Maria Abib, the Embassy of Brazil.

On the first day, the event was dedicated to personal care trade and distribution of material on the different Brazilian tourist destinations in the booth of Embratur.

The next day, 70 players participated in the training on the Paraíba, with access to information about destinations and attractions, clarification of the best forms of marketing, scripts and connectivity combinations.

“These actions allow us to broaden the dissemination of Brazilian products, with the support of an association that has notoriety in the Uruguayan market,” said Vinicius Lummertz, president of Embratur.


The number of international trips made ​​by Uruguayan is on the rise.According to the IPK (International Tourism Consulting Group), Uruguay accounted for 1.1 million international trips, and Brazil holds 35.17% of this audience. Statistical Yearbook of the Ministry of Tourism data show that Uruguay is the 4th largest source of tourists to Brazil, with 262.512 million visitors in 2014. The country has 44 weekly flights to Brazil.


The UAVI (Unión de Viajes del Interior agents) is an association within the travel agents from Uruguay focused on training courses and relationship activities for its members, and foster unity and professionalism among its members.

{Source:  Embratur – Brazilian Tourism Institute}


[photo credits: “Frontbrasilurug” by User:Dantadd – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –]


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