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The Trump Phenomenon

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The Installation of ‘The Donald’

The Book ‘Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis’  by J.D. Vance continues to be on the top sellers list.
It addresses the mindset of the Trump voters living in the ‘ Rust Belt’ of America.

I imagine, due to the success of this book, that many shallow thinking people will tend to classify Trump’s ‘Basket-of-Deplorables’, the descendants of low class Hillbillies, as the responsible culprits for Trump’s victory. I believe it is a little more complicated than that. The Politicos that have distanced themselves from the concerns of the populace should take note and re-evaluate their strategies. Politicians need to do some serious sentiment analysis of the citizenry from sea-to-shining-sea.

I interpret this book to be about one man’s life struggle to overcome the obstacles of being born into white poverty in the U.S. and the social psychology that it breeds. The author should be considered a role model for today’s youth… an example of perseverance and determination.

Joining the military was usually the escape route for most young men in similar circumstances. The military gave them a sense of belonging, instilled confidence and commonality of purpose, and hope for a better life after they had finished their tour-of-duty and service to their country.

The confused domestic citizenry and the shaken international community, that is struggling to understand the phenomenon of why Trump won the presidential election, need to dig deeper into the mindset of Americans of European ancestry. Over the years, especially after the affirmative action laws were implemented in the mid 60’s, the decreasing white middle class has been negatively marginalized. Equal rights in this country were eliminated before the ink had dried on the new affirmative action laws… which spawned hundreds of programs thereafter that excluded the white population.

The Affirmative Action law gave ‘every’ single racial, ethnic group in this country privileged status over the Caucasian population ( legal discrimination).
African Americans elbowed their way to the head of the hand-out line and have maintained that position ever since. Yet today, even though the U.S. is rapidly becoming comprised of a majority of racial minorities, the whites are unjustly ‘group labeled’ as having white privilege.

There is a continuous effort by the alt-left to push racial propaganda which is dividing our nation. The fact is… there are multi-millions of white people in this country that do not care what color of skin a person has. However, they do care about their in-your-face behavior. Caucasians are becoming increasingly resentful of the efforts to falsely label them as alt-right white racists.

There is millions of working class whites that do not fall into the category being outlined in the book ‘Hillbilly Elegy’.
Farmers,Ranchers and Miners are just three, of many, of the classifications. Most of this white non-racist segment of our population are morally sound, family oriented,brought up to respect women folk,hard working, patriotic, respect our flag and our military, and other peoples rights (including the right to disagree with them). I am familiar with this mindset, as I am talking about my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles.

Many white middle-American citizens in this country have been disenfranchised by the political elites in Washington D.C. harvesting minority votes and the mentality prevalent in the coastal regions of the United States. Poor whites and the struggling middle class, for decades, had no voice and they have been living in a self imposed mental prison of hopelessness.

Then there stomps onto the stage a non-politician multi-billionaire with a questionable background that capitalized on their forgotten hopes and dreams. An egotistical stubborn individual that has some offensive personality traits. However, overlooking all of that… he might be a real game changer. It has been my experience in life that ‘individuals’ that possess these, sometime, abrasive traits are extremely ‘task oriented’. They have the intestinal fortitude to move forward, cut the BS and get the job done.

The seasoned ‘Political Scientists’ need to roll up their shirt sleeves, dig into the statistics and make an attempt to understand the wants-and-needs of the voters.
Why against-all-odds was Trump elected?

Shame on the Anti-Trumper’s placing the blame game on white citizens at the bottom of the economic scale. That doesn’t cut it in the real world. The ‘Deplorables’ may have helped swing the vote. However, Trump was elected because he got votes from a cross-segment of American Society. That is the real Phenomenon to be explored. I suspect that many who voted for Trump will not admit it for fear of being ostracized by their peer group.

There are multi-millions of logical thinking American voters that cut the emotional umbilical cord attached to their political party of choice. They realize that drastic changes need to be implemented in the way our nation is governed . We have serious national security threats that present ‘a clear and present danger to America’. The national debt, now at 20 trillion, is soaring like a balloon without ballast. Race relations are at an all time low… and a plethora of other issues too numerous to mention. It has been demonstrated that a don’t-make-waves type of leadership,that is politically motivated, won’t make the hard decisions or address the ‘sensitive issues’ needed to accomplish what has to be done.

My best guess is: That Trump ‘did’ pull votes from a percentage of racial minorities, Democrats that are disenchanted with their party, Libertarians, Independents, and citizens situated on ‘every level’ of the economic scale. Then there are those who are so disgusted with the ‘Political Circus’ that they refrained from voting.

We need to ignore the sky-is-falling memes being churned out by the obstructive mainstream media presstitudes using ‘clickbait’ headlines to acquire an increased readership.

Trump ‘was’ elected President of the United States of America… Give him a chance. Hopefully, he will lead in the right direction. He and his team have a gigantic job ahead of them. We will have to wait and see what transpires in the next 100 days to get an indication of what we can expect in the next four years.

Trump, like many presidents that served before him, will have to walk-back on some of his campaign promises. Trump supporters do not despair, he ‘will’ move forward on a number of important issues. Anti-Trumpers do not get all teary-eyed and huddle-up in a safe room, panic is the most contagious of all diseases.

Now is the time for the Citizenry to pull together in a concerted effort for unity and refrain from obstructionism. We need to concentrate our efforts on nation building and establishing cohesive race relations to prevent the social disintegration of America.

[Photo credits-featured image:  Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. –  Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons ]




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