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The Republic Of Congo Welcomes Members Of The Cuban Medical Brigade

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Health Minister appreciates the presence of Cuban Medical Teams in the Congo

REPUBLIC OF CONGO, January 20, 2016. The Minister of Health and Population of the Congo, François Ibovi, received in his cabinet to the 18 new members of the Cuban Medical Brigade; who they arrived in Brazzaville to join his countrymen thirty serving in this country.

The meeting also was attended by Manuel Serrano Acosta, Cuba’s ambassador in Congo, the Second Secretary of the diplomatic mission and the head of the Cuban Medical Brigade. Also present for the Congolese part Directors of the Minister for Communication, Training of Human Resources, among others.

In the words of welcome to the Cuban professionals, the owner thanked the Congolese government and authorities of the Ministry of Health of Cuba by the presence of specialists and health technicians, who join the Cuban Brigade, while praised the work they perform in communities inside the Congo.

He added that the Cuban medical mission is also that of the authorities of the Congolese Ministry of Public Health. It meant that they are called to strengthen work in the hospitals where they will be placed with the conviction that deliver the best of each.

Ivobi expressed his joy for having among doctors, with members of the advanced group of 192 doctors who work at the general hospital in the Region of Oyo, northern Congolese province; which will be a hospital of national and subregional reference. Finally, he praised the historical and cultural ties that unite the Cuban and Congolese, which will be reinforced with the presence of Cuban health professionals in these lands.

The Cuban Ambassador thanked his words Congolese Minister to receive them so warmly and said it was an honor to have Cuban doctors in this African land to give their modest contribution to the Congolese people. The Cuban diplomat moved the government’s willingness and Cuban authorities continue to send employees on health and continue to welcome young people to be trained as doctors.

Finally, he confirmed the professionalism of Cuban collaborators, and reiterated that this is a demonstration of the willingness of Cuba and the Congo to work together in terms of the health of the Congolese population under Marti principles “The best medicine is the one that which prevents and no cure “,” The best way to tell is to do. “

{Source: Cuba Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Cubaminrex / Embacuba Congo-Brazzaville}

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