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The Morocan ‘International Festival of Ibn Battuta’ In Tangier

The International Festival Of IBN Battuta Tangier, Morocco

Camels On Tangier Beach – By ©George Stewart (Own Work)

MOROCCO – July 20th, 2017 – The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta proudly presents The International Festival of Ibn Battuta under the theme: Travelers, The Ambassadors of Peace. With immeasurable commitment, immense passion and determination headed by Mohamed DEKKAK, Honorary President and Abdelaziz BENAMI, President of the association, The 2nd Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta kicks off 9th November – 12th November 2017 in Tangier City, Morocco.

In cooperation of the sponsors, strategic partners, digital/media partners and the host city – Tangier, the festival is being planned and strategized especially for those who see travel as a way of life and interested in promoting peace, cultural immersion, universal values, sustainability and mutual understanding despite ethics, linguistics, religion, culture and diversity.

The Festival will feature variety of activities that will certainly worth seeing such as Travel Literatures, Travel Forums and Conference, Travel Exhibitions, Carnival, Travel Movies, Musical Shows, Art Shows, Theatrical Plays and many more featuring the remarkable adventures of the renowned traveler of pre-modern time- The Great Ibn Battuta.

Welcoming millennial travelers, backpackers, peacemakers, travel journalists, bloggers and delegations from around the globe to engage the nation to a meaningful dialogue of shared cultural discoveries, traditions, identities and heritage inspired by the legacy of Ibn Battuta.

“The belief that every travellers can be an ambassador of peace inspires me to contribute and promote universal values, open-minded multicultural societies, sustainability, ethics fostering peace and mutual tolerance through travelling that aims to create relations between men and women who considers themselves as citizens of the world. Likewise, this is an opportunity for travel enthusiast and travel industries all over the globe to provide professional development and build networks not only during our festival, but year round”, said Mohamed Dekkak.

Plans are presently ongoing to ensure a variety of events and surprises. Celebrating the legacy of Ibn Battuta and his travels, The City of Tangier is ready to make a history and prepared to welcome the local and international festival viewers.

“We are exerting an extra ordinary efforts to ensure the smooth run of the festival that will surely make it worth your while, discovering the beauty of tangier, its vibrant culture and heritage”, stated by Abdelaziz Benami, President of the Morocan Association of Ibn Battuta.

The Organizer committee has launched a website, which provides guides including schedule, agenda and important details.


[Source: Morocan Association of Ibn Battuta/TravelPR -/- Media Relations]
[Photo Credits: Featured Photo by ©George Stewart (Own Work) – Intext photo and video courtesy of The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta]



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