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The ‘League Of Arab States’ Condemned Iran For fueling Sectarian Strife In The Region

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Arab Parliament flays Iran’s interference in Arab countries










CAIRO, — The Arab Parliament on Wednesday concluded a two-day meeting at the League of Arab States and issued a final communique in which it reiterated its rejection of Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries under any pretext or justification.

The Arab Parliament denounced Iranian attempts to undermine security and stability of Arab countries and urged Iran to end its occupation of the three Emirati islands, Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa.

Members of the Parliamentary Division of the UAE Federal National Council participated in the pan-Arab body’s meeting.

The final communique of the meeting also reiterated its firm stance against terrorism and demanded Iran stop its “exposed” attempts to fuel sectarian strife in the region and threaten pan-Arab national security.

Renewing its full support to Saudi Arabia, the Arab Parliament condemned Iran’s continued escalation against the Kingdom. It also denounced Iran’s links to a recently-dismantled terror cell in Bahrain.

It demanded all Arab states to embrace a unified, firm, decisive and binding stance against Iran’s interference in the Arab region, including in the Comoro Islands. Such pan-Arab stance, the Parliament said, would send a message to any regional and international parties seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of Arabs.

The Arab Parliament’s communique also urged for political solutions to the crises in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen and demanded Turkey withdraw its troops from northern Iraq and respect the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The communique called upon the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to put an end to the abuse of besieged civilian Syrians, deemed as a war crime and violation of all religious and human values. It also urged unhindered humanitarian access to all civilians in all besieged areas in Syria.

On Yemen, the communique demanded an end to the brutal siege laid on Taiz Governorate and urged unhindered humanitarian access to civilians across Yemen.

The Arab Parliament also condemned all forms of terrorism and the recent attacks in Libya and hailed the liberation the Iraqi city of Ramadi from the terrorist group ISIL (Daesh).

On Palestine, the Parliament urged Arab countries to mobilize political and material support for Palestinians to end the Israeli occupation, protect Islamic and Christian holy sites in Palestine, and establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

{Source: Emirates News Agency-WAM/MMYS}


[photo credits: “Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution troop marching with gun and headband” by Unknown – Scanned from BBC Farsi TV channel. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –]


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