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The International Economic Forum Africa – Sets Development Objectives For The Continent

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Sustainable development indispensable





Africa’s development must be sustainable. That was the message of the 15th International Economic Forum Africa, to which the German Federal Government and the OECD have invited.

The conference focused on the Post 2015-Africa Agenda, which sets out the development objectives for the African continent to the next 50 years standing. In his welcoming German Development Minister Gerd Müller praised the economic and social progress of Africa. But he also stressed the need to expedite the development of the particular power supply.

On International Africa Business Forum was also attended by German Development Minister Gerd Müller, the President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, and former UNSecretary General, Kofi Annan, in part.

Removing power supply

The expansion of energy supply is a crucial investment in the future of the continent. “Energy supply systems are questions of survival for millions of people”, said the Federal Minister. While in North Africa, most people have access to electricity, the electrification rate in sub-Saharan Africa lies at an average of only 26 percent.

Kofi Annan also said the lack of power supply in many parts of Africa. From his perspective, especially one is CO2 low-carbon energy production important. Investment in green energy should be encouraged. Only then would clean energy a chance to compete against fossil fuels.Especially photovoltaics, the Zambian energy expert Francis Yamba Dramani Be there a way to overcome Africa’s energy deficit.

Modernize agriculture

One of the most haunting Mahner from the effects of climate change was Kofi Annan. Regarding Africa, he appealed to the audience that sustainable development is impossible, as long as nothing was being done against the progressive global warming. To counter this phenomenon successfully, the following three conditions are met: the transition to a CO2-poor energy future, a global consensus on emission control and investment in sustainable agriculture.

The President of Ghana, Mahama said that climate change is one of the reasons why many nations would lose their nutritional capacities. Other participants pointed to the need for reform of African agriculture. You have to be restructured in order to encourage investment in new, environmentally friendly technologies.

Creating Opportunities

Mahama found moving words to draw attention to the fate of refugees. Federal Minister Müller said while on the responsibility of African countries, to offer people a future. But in the same sentence, he also stressed that the EU Africa must assist in this task: “The key lies in the economic development of Africa”.


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