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The Education of Migrant Children

The Rand Corporation “Think Tankers” wrote a commentary on the future problem of integrating illegal Hispanics, aka migrants, into the educational system.

I used to rely on the Rand corporation for deep thinking research.
I am starting to question my opinion of them.
Their articles are starting to show indications of propagating political correct bias.

This educational problem, stated in the below commentary, is not only a future problem
——– it is an existing problem.

This article has a strong overtone that the solution is more privileged entitlements.
I have always considered affirmative action/privileged entitlement programs an
insult to the ethnic groups that benefit from the hand outs — and blatant discrimination
against European Americans.

These programs were created back in the 60’s for political purposes, propagandizing the false assumption that certain minority groups lack the intellect and abilities to compete in society.
Thus the bar was lowered and the dumbing down of America began.

There are those political elites among us that subtly insinuate that someone born into
poverty has lower intelligence and work ethics.
What nonsense – I am speaking with a layman’s voice of one that lived at the poverty level for
many years.

These government handouts, at taxpayer expense, have created a nation of
2nd, 3rd and 4th generation welfare slaves being harvested for votes.

Hispanics have always been respected for their strong family ties.
These programs are breaking down the family unit and destroying lives.

I cannot think of any better incentive to do better in life, than the desire to climb up and
improve your financial status.

A capitalistic free market place gives the citizen an opportunity to explore his/her potential.

The authors closing sentence sums it up:
[To best respond to this reality, policymakers and educators will need to consider existing research to determine the best course of action.]

Meaning what? — that after all these years America cannot come up with a workable solution?
I suspect that the major problem with moving forward is ethnocentrism.
The solution is not throwing billions of more taxpayer dollars on programs that perpetuate the problem.

I can come up with a solution right now.
It will take several years — a period of adjustment — to show the results of the implementation
of my suggestion — and it will ruffle quite few feathers.

However, so be it.
Let’s face the facts.
We are already a bilingual society.
Spanish speaking citizens will increase dramatically in the next decade.
This will be accomplished not only by increased immigration — but by an increase in family demographics.

We need to address this reality and start mandatory English/Spanish language classes at
the first grade level.

This will take care of the future language divide and once that is accomplished then we start to see progress.

We will need a transitional period.
The immediate solution of the Spanish speaking population is to enroll them in
academic curriculum that is given in their native language with English as a second language
being mandatory.

They can progress through the educational program while acquiring competency in the English language.

This will prevent the drag on the English only educational system.

When they are thrown into English only classrooms it diverts teachers away from being educators into social workers.

Spanish as a second language will be mandatory in the English speaking educational system.

We need to ensure that the multicultural youth of our nation gets the best education possible.

Remove the stumbling block of language barriers.

I surmise, at the end of the day, this would be a more cost effective solution — a directional start–
instead of perpetuating a floundering education system.

Many nations flourish with multi-language cultures.
Switzerland is an example — German, French, Italian speaking cantons.

After the immediate problems have been solved then ,in the future, we could gravitate towards
a more cohesive system.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”

Read the Rand commentary…..

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