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The Common Core Debate Goes On

Common Core Education Standards – The Debate Goes On

The below commentary(URL), at red alert weekend edition, suggests that due to America’s chronic failure at educational reform programs — that common core will experience the same fate.

I wish this were so.

However, I consider common core a quasi-educational program peppered with
ideological auto-suggestions and it will end up rewriting history.

My opinion is that common core will fail only if the parent advocacy groups and
teachers unions that oppose the program succeed in their efforts.

Past years were different — America has been transformed — the mindset of
a lot of the populace has changed. Many educators are emotionally aligned with this
educational ideology.

The orchestrators of common core have ensured that the programs will be implemented
by financially supporting them with tons of money.

Other forms of education… such as home schooling, private schools,charter schools,
religious schools are being subverted — in the future the college entrance exams
will be based on knowledge obtained in the common core educational system.

This will establish a barrier to entry to those not schooled in the common core system.

Ten years from now, how will the U.S. students rank academically against other countries?
See the below URL for statistics compiled by the National Center of Education Statistics.
We are already on the bottom of some of the lists … in a few years we will be dropped off the lists.

Get ready for a whole new generation of “Pavlov’s Dogs” that have been taught that
reading,writing,arithmetic,speaking,science … basically, independent thinking in general
is considered “old school” and irrelevant.
It serves no purpose in our new society as your leaders will direct you
through your life span.

The older “marginalized” generation had better start learning “new speak” or you will not be able
to communicate with the youth.


Read more and view video ….

Compare the U.S. students with other countries
Scroll down to 2013 specifics
National Center for Education Statistics.(NCES)


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