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The Battle For Your Mind


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The Battle For Your Mind 








The State of Play

Several years ago, The U.S. Government created a ‘Behavioral Insights Team’ staffed with highly competent Behavioral Scientists.They are ‘tasked’ with the responsibility and have been used very effectively to persuade public opinion.

When you hear repeated (parroted) phrases from senior officials such as “Our Broken Immigration System”, “This Isn’t Who We Are”, etc.,etc.,etc., — These were probably created by a Behavioral Insights Team.

Past Government Administrations have used propaganda techniques to sway public opinion. However, this administration has taken it to a whole new level.

Repetition of short ‘word selected’ sentences ,repeated over time,can alter your way of thinking. ‘Autosuggestion’ is one of the most powerful psychological tools.The optics used to reinforce these persuasion techniques can be dramatic… such as toddlers washing up on a Mediterranean beach, scenes of crying young refugee mothers with infants, etc. The Video below will give you another set of optics to digest.

‘Information Dominance’ establishes barriers to the target audience from alternate sources of information, opposing views, and optics that counter the objective of those who would own your mind.

The current situation concerning opening the gates to Syrian Refugees is being highly politicized by ‘those in power’. You will start to see ultra-left leaning speakers from government agencies,NGO’s and GSE’s downplaying the severity of the threat. Any opposition that advocates for more stringent screening before granting asylum to Syrian refugees is being attacked with rhetoric such as  –“xenophobic rejection of Syrian refugees is a rejection of our fundamental values and feeds directly into terrorist narratives”. With the extreme global violence happening on a daily basis, I find it difficult to comprehend this school of thought towards national security measures.

I do not considerate it appropriate behavior for those occupying government executive offices to tout the concerned citizenry with remarks such as — “what’s the matter are you afraid of three year old kids?”. It indicates a total lack of comprehension of the gravity of the situation and the far reaching effects it can have on the United States.

In the next few days… soft-pedaling political posturing, the push for tolerance and the strategy of non-military action will become items of debate in the Main Stream Media. My best guess is that the flow of a ‘steady stream’ of middle east refugees/migrants is about to begin. The numbers will increase exponentially in the ensuing years.

The American people have not been sufficiently exposed to what has been happening in Europe in the past decade. I have experienced the demographic changes from my own ‘boots on the ground’ experiences and “static surveillance” as I have been frequently traveling to Europe since 1978. 

The establishment of ‘parallel societies’ in European countries is empirical evidence of Muslims aversion to assimilating and accepting the non-sharia laws in their host country. If there is no push for religious dominance… is there going to be a willingness to coexist? This will take cooperation and religious attitude adjustments. Maybe changing your whole belief system. Will it evolve into a peaceful workable solution in Europe? Right now it doesn’t appear to be happening.

It is an exercise in futility for the West to try to change a mentality that has been reinforced since birth for centuries — “east is east, and west is west, and never the twain shall meet” — the followers of Islam are the only ones that can change it — change comes from within.

It is time for moderate Muslims to step up and participate in the dialogue. Thus far, In the U.S. only a handful have done so. Many Muslims have been outspoken about not wanting to be stereotyped. However, their noticeable silence against radical Islam is creating a stigma.

With the current global state of affairs, the U.S. needs to rethink its’ ‘Hearts and Minds’ strategy. Maybe it is time to set priorities concerning self, country, cultural and religious preservation.

The mindset of the inhabitants of Western Cultures is diametrically opposite of those whose teachings advocate the Caliphate.Regardless of the strategy — Radical Jihad, Political Jihad or Cultural Jihad — the objective is the same — to plant the Islamic flag and establish sharia law on every continent. This is the core of their belief system.  

The U.S. citizenry should spend some time researching this escalating global movement which is rapidly approaching the shores. This will help each individual to make an informed decision on the Syrian Refugee issue.

In the past 7 years what federal regulations have been created, changed, or legal ‘case law’ established due to ideological political pressure?

Is there a gigantic disconnect from the Leaders of this country and the concerns of the populace? 

it is not who we are” ??? — With open borders, sanctuary cities and dysfunctional immigration policies because officers have been held back from enforcing the laws– is that who we have become?

Is that the State of Play?




[photo credits-featured image: George Stewart (Own Work ) -Moorish Castle of Santa Barbara – Alicante,Spain]

Video posted to Youtube by Alex Garryson with the permission to share


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