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The American Educational System, Attack On The ‘Y’ Chromosome

America’s Attack On The ‘Y’ Chromosome

Boys will be Boys?… Right?… Not if the PC’ers have their way.

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The Halls of American academia are starting to resemble ‘Re-education Camps’.
They are churning-out a generation of young males that will enter the ‘Real World’ as mentally battered children.
Riddled with undeserved guilt and possessing minds embedded with the philosophy that any overt demonstration
of male characteristics 
is an affront to our new ‘Fundamentally Transformed America’.

The ‘Y Chromosome’ carries a male-determining gene, which induces the testes to
develop. The testes generate male hormones which are the causative factors that influence body development to produce a male.

The etiological agents, ‘Political Correct Advocates’, that have metastasized throughout our
educational systems are having a devastating effect on the normal development of our male youth.

My best guess is… that my opinion, on this subject, is shared by multitudes of the silent majority. Let’s list a few.
I am sure that you can think of many more.

The Academic Institutions Attacks On The Young American Male

Elimination of Recess Time.
We would not want the boys to engage in any rough-and-tumble
activities on the playground. It could encourage thinking that manifests
into a desire for a strong mind and body.

Elimination of Show-and-Tell.
We would not want to reveal that there is disparity of wealth and several levels of social economic groups exist in America.
We don’t want to encourage the under-privileged to set goals to pull themselves up by working and studying harder to attain the American dream.

Elimination of Boy Toys.
We would not want to show any discrimination of the sexes.
God forbid boys bring any little army men to school in their pants pocket, they would probably be sent immediately for psychological
counseling under the threat of incarceration. It would be an indicator of an immediate need for a prescription drug.

Elimination of Costume Days for Holidays such as Halloween.
We would not want to racially discriminate by wearing costumes
such as Sinbad the Sailor, Poncho Villa, Sitting Bull, Cowboy Gunslingers,
Policeman, or Captain America. That might encourage the acceptance of multiculturalism and hinder the objective of transforming children into
a fungible sameness.

Elimination of Presentations by Police, Firemen, Military Men.
We would not want them to develop strong role models and be falsely persuaded to support our military and public safety officers.

Elimination of Grandparents Day.
We would not want them to bond with the old folks.
They might put subversive thoughts into their heads,… Such as Work Ethic,
Patriotism,Independent Thought,Critical Reasoning,and the most of all evils
… respect for the elderly who have been there and done that.

Teachers, let them young Boys be Boys.
Boy Marine OutfitJay R. SmithWorld War I Era Toy Soldiers

If you don’t, when the inevitable violence and chaos is running wild in the streets,don’t start crying about the lack of strong national or military leadership.

Parents in the silent majority should be extremely concerned. Closely monitor what is being taught in your child’s classroom. Get involved, Don’t delegate the responsibility of raising your children correctly to the teachers. There is empirical evidence all over America that the classrooms are being politicized and there is an ideology being pushed on the children that is not in their best interest.

Dad’s, You do-not-want your daughters to marry a male that is the end product of the ‘Re-education Camps’. (The Fundamental Transformation of America)

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed” – Joseph Stalin

Our creator, by intelligent design, deliberately brought-forth into this world two distinct different sexes, meant to complement each other, they are not fungible.

Caveat … It is easier to build a child, than to repair a man.

George Stewart

Video: ‘War on Boys’ by Prager University ( )


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