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Tanzania Tour Operator Is Supporting Social Corporate Responsibility Helping Pastoralist Girls

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Tanzanian tour operator extends Tsh 100 million to vulnerable girls

Willy Chambulo walking in one of his lodges.

There is no doubt whatsoever that a Tanzanian tour operator has captured the hearts and souls of many Tanzanians for his part in supporting social corporate responsibility (SCR).

Mr. Willy Chambulo, Managing Director of Kibo Guides and Tanganyika Wilderness Camps, is sponsoring 350 pastoralist girls who had to flee from their homes to escape premature marriages.

In a country where SCR is a rare phenomenon, obviously Mr. Chambulo, will go down into history for making a lifetime commitment to offer the Emusoi Centre, popularly known as a pastoralist girls’ safe haven, annual support in the amount of Tsh 100 million (a little over US$54,000).

“This commitment will continue for the rest of my company’s lifespan,” Mr. Chambulo vowed during the eve of Easter where he offered the first installment of nearly Tsh 20 million to the Emusoi Centre in a bid to settle school fees for the girls.

Mr. Chambullo who is also the Chairman of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), advocated and encouraged parents, especially the fathers from pastoralist communities, to contribute to the education of their daughters and to let go of their culture which does not value education.

Arusha Regional Commissioner Felix Ntibenda commended Mr. Chambulo for putting the SCR at the core of his companies.

“I can safely say that Mr. Chambulo is an exemplary investor who believes in giving back to the society. I would like to urge others to emulate the spirit,” Mr. Ntibenda said at the brief function.

The tour operator who is also a renowned philanthropist has been generously giving back to the community in various areas where he operates.

Mr. Chambulo reminded girls that they are the future mothers who will have a responsibility to nurse and care for the nation, which is currently suffering from moral decay – the same society which has set out higher standards of expectations from them.

He commended Emusoi Centre for standing up to fill the gap of the result of deep-rooted traditional values that sometimes militates against the global trend as far as a girl’s education and human rights are concerned.

“I heard Mwalimu Nyerere say once that education is the only tool which can liberate a poor community from abject poverty”. It is because of the honor of Mwalimu I feel so compelled to do whatever it takes to support education in our very own poor communities,” Mr. Chambullo explained.

Moving a vote of thanks, the Emusoi Centre head, Sister Mary Vertucci, was grateful for the support, saying the package will benefit nearly 350 young girls from pastoralists under their support.

“I’ve been moved by the generosity extended by our neighbor, Mr. Chambulo; it has come at an opportune moment and will go [a] long way to meet the current school fees for the girls,” Sister Verttucci explained.

Emusoi Centre is a safe and supportive place that seeks to provide and facilitate opportunities for education for secondary school age Maasai girls, to enable each to become aware of her potential and worth as a person, and to realize the value of education for themselves and their community.

The idea is to engender a desire for girls to discover ways to use their education to influence change for the good of their community. This is accomplished by giving these young women a chance to continue their education beyond the primary school level.


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