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Slovakia’s Referendum On Refugee Camp In Gabčíkovo

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: SKgov}




Andrej Kiska statement on the referendum in Gabčíkovo

“Last week was held in the village of Gabčíkovo local referendum on the temporary placement facilities for refugees in the territory of the municipality. It ended without surprises – a clear negative outcome.

I think that is very not mistaken if I say that at this time would be similar referendum ended with similar results about in any town or city in Slovakia. Also, the prevailing mood: anxiety and fear – the belief that it does not concern us – the argument that we have enough of its own without worries and problems.

It is the responsibility of the Government as may be in this case to proceed. But I want to say very clearly that, in meeting the commitments our government has taken in this matter, has my full support.

Slovakia should not be the tail of European Union in the number of refugees, which we are willing to accept. In the case of refugees, which the Government intends to put in Gabčíkovo, it is moreover a temporary stay, and is a symbolic help our partner, neighbor – Austria. Which helps, as does decades. And where is also from our country in the past they resorted tens of thousands of people.

I think the outcome of the referendum, which would be similar anywhere in the world, is due to several errors that occurred. Even in our domestic debate in Slovakia. And I think it is high time that we are all people responsible for the management of the state – even those who are managing the state soon will be competing in the election – the Slovak public clearly said: we stand that stands on its boundary wall, and we theorize about what would you do different? Or we will also participate in joint decisions and for ourselves we take a part of their responsibility for our Europe? In protecting the borders of Europe, but here, inside the European Union, where the refugees have fled their own lives at risk.

Let’s stop give the impression that what we can do and what is expected of Slovakia as a partner in the European Union expects – that is current with the small part of refugees – and several hundred temporary relocation of Austria – the team at Rolls Slovakia safety, cultural or social disaster . Because it’s not true.

It makes no sense to have a reference to the people who inspire fear intentionally. For some others are not, and they are few free country and the era of the Internet have plenty of opportunities to spread fear, fear and hatred. They are not against refugees. Fear and hatred of their program. A is the time between the program of fear and hate – and all others – to make a clear line.

On the other hand neodsudzujme but please people who only fear of the unknown. They are often the only information statements – statements by politicians many times – on refugees classified as a terrorist. Or, as in Gabčíkovo, people do not know enough about them and no one seriously speak.

I can understand it even if you in such an atmosphere people who are in our difficult lives, they will say that here we have other concerns. We do not need more.

But most of those who speak on this matter in Parliament and in the media, especially the politicians know very well that the adoption of its small workshops and temporary refugees by Austria does not threaten our country or our security. That among the thousands of people from other cultures and other ethnic groups who came to Slovakia in the last 25 years and now live and work, is not more crime, or other threats .. And we are talking about today in connection with the task of Slovakia in this refugee crisis, we can handle.

In Slovakia, but of course the people who want to help other people in their escape from certain death or everyday violence. I think I understand they realize that will not help anyone. It is not possible. But the heart are convinced that if they can at least help someone, you are ready to do it. I want to thank them. Because such a mind and such heart is something that belongs to Slovakia, which demonstrates our country. “


[photo credits – featured image: “Slovakia Town Michalovce 2” by Ing. Mgr. Jozef Kotulič – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]



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