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Slovakia’s President Andrej Kiska Spoke On The Need For Solidarity Of The Energy Union Project

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23 November 2015

President Andrej Kiska today in Bratislava spoke at the conference with Central European energy speech on energy and energy security. He spoke mainly about the need for solidarity in the context of the Energy Union project.

“The deepening of the single European market of energy commodities market considers as strategically important objective. This will help the economies of member countries, helping them security. But it could further reinforce our political cohesion that the impact of the recent crisis has put a number of strong beats. I believe that the Energy Union project deserves support from the government and society of member countries.

They’re concerned about why the voices that resound in our domestic debate, it will not be possible to harmonize regulatory policies due to differences in industrial structure and purchasing power.

I am equally concerned that we still have one of the highest electricity prices in the region, which does not contribute to the competitiveness of Slovak enterprises. It is natural that the Member States have guarded the national regulatory politiky- but if we are to move forward, we must be able to think ahead and make the right strategic decisions, “the president said.

Andrej Kiska also recall the preparation of the project Nord Stream 2, which can mean a complete halt in gas supplies from Russia to Europe via Ukraine and Slovakia: “Many of our partners in the EU argue that it is” only “a business project by private companies and not into it mixed policy.

I must stress that this attitude is contrary to the interest of reducing dependence on Russian gas.

It is in contrast with our experiences, which can have dramatic consequences abuses of gas supplies as a tool to achieve political goals. It is aimed directly against strategic and important to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and enable its further development.

If we are willing to accept that Nord Stream 2 is “just” a private business, then, unfortunately, we agree eurosceptics who say that the whole EU project is just a normal business. “

Martin Liptak

{Press Office | Press Department
Office of the President of the Slovak Republic}


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