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Singapore’s ‘Building and Construction Authority’ CEO Received Prestigious Chairman’s Award

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Dr John Keung received this year’s prestigious award which recognizes visionary leaders in the global sustainability movement

Hong Kong, 30 October 2015 – The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has conferred its prestigious Chairman’s Award 2015 on Chief Executive Officer of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore, to honor his energy and passion in advancing the global sustainability movement.

Dr Keung was one of three recipients this year and the first recipient from Southeast Asia since the launch of the award in 2011. He accepted the award at the WorldGBC Congress held in Hong Kong on 29 October 2015. He was nominated by the (SGBC), an established member of the WorldGBC since 2009, which has been working very closely with the BCA to green the local built environment through a variety of initiatives and programs.

As CEO of BCA, Dr Keung spearheaded Singapore’s green building movement with the launch of the nation’s first Green Building Masterplan in 2006. Forming the backbone of the Masterplan was the BCA Green Mark scheme, which served as benchmark for evaluating environmental sustainability in buildings. The scheme has emerged as the leading green building rating system of the tropics and sub-tropics today.

Under Dr Keung’s leadership, the green building movement took off in Singapore, with the subsequent formulation of the second and third Green Building Masterplans.

BCA’s efforts in the movement achieved international recognition, with key milestones such as the establishment of a Centre for Sustainable Buildings with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in 2011, and the honor of being the first government agency outside of America and Europe to receive the International Star (I-Star) Award from US-based Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) in 2013.

Moving ahead, BCA continues to champion the vision of Singapore as “a global leader in green buildings with special expertise in the tropics and sub- tropics, enabling sustainable development and quality living”.

Mr Bruce Kerswill, Chairman of WorldGBC said, “Dr Keung’s efforts have been instrumental in advancing the movement, in raising awareness of the challenges the world faces and most importantly, in implementing policies and initiatives that advance the green building movement. The WorldGBC Chairman’s Award recognizes his vision and leadership, and we congratulate him on his achievements.”

Mr Chia Ngiang Hong, President of the SGBC, congratulated the achievements of Dr Keung. He said, “Dr Keung has been instrumental in the greening of Singapore’s built environment with the Green Mark scheme and in supporting the green building movement here, including the founding of the Singapore Green Building Council.

This has placed Singapore on the world map for green building excellence and leadership. It is a privilege for SGBC to nominate Dr Keung for such a prestigious Award, and we are very glad that his contributions are now recognized by Green Building Councils worldwide. This is a well-deserved testament to the efforts that Dr Keung has invested in advancing the green building movement”.

Dr Keung reflected, “I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this award. Our success would not have been possible without the commitment and close collaboration of the government, non-government organisations and industry stakeholders and the dedication and hard work of my colleagues in BCA. I dedicate this award to all my colleagues in BCA, our stakeholders and partners for their continuous support and invaluable contributions in creating a sustainable built environment. I would like to express sincere thanks to SGBC for the nomination, and WorldGBC for the award. I look forward to even closer collaborations with our stakeholders and partners for many more years to come.”

{Information Jointly issued by the Building and Construction Authority and the Singapore Green Building Council on 30 October 2015.}


[photo credits: “Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore – 20120617-05” by Allie Caulfield. – Flickr: 2012-06-17 06-30 Singapore 408 Gardens by the Bay.. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –,_Gardens_by_the_Bay,_Singapore_-_20120617-05.jpg#/media/File:Cloud_Forest,_Gardens_by_the_Bay,_Singapore_-_20120617-05.jpg]



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