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Seven Hundred Refugees Stranded in the Mediterranean Sea

Seven hundred men, women, and children immigrants and fleeing refugees were recently found stranded in the Mediterranean sea 70 miles off of the coast of Crete.

The illegal migrants were crammed on-board an old cargo ship that went
“dead-in-the-water” due to engine failure.

The ship’s ultimate destination was Italy, a country being inundated with immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East — predominantly embarking from Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.

The ship was towed by a Greek Navy Frigate to Lerapetra where it was anchored offshore.

The migrants/refugees had spent days without adequate food and water.

One pregnant woman was airlifted to a hospital and the other immigrants were domiciled in a basketball stadium.

Greek officials will decide who will be classified as illegal immigrants or legal refugees. Any person fleeing Syria will probably be given refugee status.

This ongoing tidal wave of tens-of-thousands of immigrants trying to reach Europe is a problem of gigantic proportions.

The European Ministers have tried to come to an agreement on how to handle the situation – find a resolution – but it appears that the magnitude of the dilemma will change the demographic face of Europe forever.

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