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Scotland Votes — NO

The Scottish Independence Referendum — Received A No Vote


I was laying awake in Geneva at 3am — suffering from jet lag.

My semi annual trips from Las Vegas to Switzerland are not as easy as they used to be.

I decided to get up and watch the final results of the voting on the Scottish referendum to secede from the UK.

Thoughts started to cross my mind.

Is this democracy in action — or more political shenanigans?

I suspect a wee bit of both. 

1.)  Scottish citizens not living in Scotland were not allowed to vote.

2.)  Non-Scottish residents living in Scotland were allowed to vote.

3.)  The voting age was dropped to 16 years old.

How did the above three factors influence the outcome? 

I guess we will never know.

Oh well, it is a done deal now — with the exception of a few claiming voter fraud.

Let us see what happens next — will Catalonia become a new nation?

Maybe, I will do a little sentiment analysis during my stay in Spain


Why Scotland voted no — posted to Youtube by the Telegraph

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