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Russian President Putin’s Speech at Valdai International Discussion Club

A Speech given at the Valdai International Discussion Club
by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I was alerted to the content of this speech by the Oriental Review.
(I have their RSS feed on this Blog)

After reading Putin’s Speech and giving it some independent thought, I
considered the content will be of value to my diversified readership in 48 countries.

I decided to post the speech in its’ entirety on Open Eyes Opinion.
Please click on the URL at the bottom of the page for redirection to the speech
published in English.

Open Eyes Opinion is in its’ initial stage of development and is gaining readership.
In addition to my political commentaries and travel tidbits, in the future, I will
add more world affairs articles.

The world affairs content on this blog is my attempt, as a citizen journalist, to
disseminate information to opened minded, world-wise individuals who like to
keep abreast of what is happening around the globe.— News that you may not find
on your home country’s mainstream media.

I am slowly but surely finding publications that I feel deserve constant exposure on my Blog.
I have inserted RSS feeds on my home page and news page for readers convenience.
The intent is to be a daily one stop, quick glance at the globe – if you find something interesting
then you can follow the link to the news topic.

At the present it is mostly North American and European publications.
In the future, I will have RSS news feeds from every continent posted on this blog.

By my posting the information that is contained in these publications it is not my
endorsement of the content published. I may agree or disagree with the subject matter.
However, I believe in their right to express their opinion.

(Read my profile on the about page)

I have open eyes and an open mind and think it is beneficial to look at all sides
of an argument before formulating an opinion.

Those who have eyes will see – those who have ears will hear.

Independent thought and reasoning lead to a belief system, they also lead
to revision of those beliefs.

In the spirit of Civilitas


I strongly recommend you read Putin’s speech.
The Main Topic “The World Order: New Rules or No Rules”
We need a new global consensus of responsible powers’

[The Valdai Discussion Club was established in 2004.
It was named after Lake Valdai, which is located close to Veliky, Novgorod,
where the club’s first meeting took place. The clubs’ goal is to
promote dialogue between Russian and international intellectual elite, and
to make an independent, unbiased scientific analysis of political, economic and
social events in Russia and the rest of the world.]

Please click on the URL — Putin’s Speech at Valdai International Discussion Club.

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Video of Meeting

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