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Russia gets more Sanctions

Sanctions placed on Russia due to the Ukraine crisis.

Our national attention has again been diverted away from the Ukraine crisis, and
other matters of global importance, to issues of an inferred, yet to be proven,
racially motivated civil rights violation by a white police officer in small town America.

Top national officials and their large entourage of selected participants ,financed by
taxpayers dollars, have swooped down on the town with open talons.

Our leaders have set their priorities and I assume that the mainstream media will be
preoccupied with the on-going legal and civil rights investigations.

Leaving the world-wide consortium of alternate news opinion writers to research,
observe, exchange and disseminate information on critical world affairs matters to those
that have ears.

Will the coordinated sanctions by the US and EU participants have any major impact on Russia?

Before we get into that, we need to accept the fact that there are those across the pond that
consider this crisis a result of subversive NATO activities in the region that prodded Putin to
take action.

Did NATO get caught with its’ hand in the cookie jar and that blew up old mother Russia’s dress?

That belief will be discussed back channels — especially by the multinational corporations
that are becoming the unintended victims of the sanctions — they will be putting their
elected officials under the microscope. The MNC’s have tremendous political clout.

I suspect that this whole idea of sanctioning Russia has not been thought through by
seasoned global strategists.

It will strengthen the resolve of Anti-US opponents to eliminate
the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency as it gives the US too much power.
The trading in USD (petrodollar) for oil will come under attack again.
The above two items, if eliminated, will have far reaching effects on the US economy.

Regardless of what we may hear in the western media, at the end-of-the-day, the outcome
of the sanctions may have minimal consequences for Russia. It will allow Russia to identify weaknesses
in their infrastructure and economy which they can shore-up and protect from future aggressions.

Russia will be forced to enhance their strategic alliance with China.
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Russia may be reluctant to side-up with China on certain issues. However, necessity is
the mother of invention — and Russia “is” reinventing itself.

The past few years Russia has been going around the globe and filling the holes left by
failed US geopolitical strategies.

While the US has been busy “Twerking” — Russia has been actively creating new alliances
in Europe, South America, Caribbean, Central America, Africa and a multitude of regions.

These new alliances can be “Docked” with the Russia China Strategic Partnership (RCSP)
— which will further diminish US geopolitical power.

China can help Russia circumvent the sanctions. China has a contiguous border
with Russia. Transportation supply chains and fly overs can be controlled between
the two countries.

China manufactures EVERYTHING.
Russia and China can trade in the currencies of the two countries.
Each country has something the other wants — they will become symbiotic.

If worse comes to worse then they can enter “Barter-ville” — doing deals like China
did with Iran to circumvent sanctions— gold for oil, etc.

I imagine that when the Ukraine crisis gets resolved that the behind-the-scene
orchestrator of a resolution settlement will be the multinational corporations
who have managed to rein in their political lap dogs.

The world citizenry may never know what incident “actually pulled-the-pin” to ignite
the Ukraine conflict.

We will just be the observers of more needless death and destruction.

Back to the USA:
It is getting increasingly more difficult to get any unbiased observations about world events
in the US mainstream media.
I have to spend more time doing research and sentiment analysis on information streams
outside of the US to find out what is happening in America and how the rest the world
is responding to the events.

In my attempts to understand the mentality of our political leaders on the US nightly news,
all that I hear is blithering inaudible dialogue — jabberwocky and neologisms created by
politically correct double-speak advocates.

World leaders need to project an image that instills confidence in the global community
that they have the ability to effectuate positive change — that they possess the
“world-wise acumen” to deal with global conflicts and formulate resolutions.

When world leaders take the stage in foreign countries, they need to engage in
dialogue that has geopolitical substance. Not preach from a pulpit in Malaysia
that it is unacceptable that an old cowboy in the middle of the Mojave desert mumbled
the word Negro — or on diplomatic trips, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, constantly
lace speeches about the history of slavery and civil rights issues in the US.

I do not think those issues resonate as a matter of global importance to most heads of state.
They are challenged with addressing more serious real-world problems and they expect
visiting diplomats to show concern and be knowledgeable in those areas.

A nations strength and stability is all about the quality of government management.

You can draw an analogy between a corporation that produces products that are
known to be defective and a sovereign state that produces weak dysfunctional policies.
The consumer on one hand — and the geopolitical community on the other hand —
will not have any confidence in the Corporation/Government producing
useless goods/policies.

How does the rest of the world view the US today?
Not the same as they did a few years ago, that is a given.
They probably consider the US is a nation that has inherited, developed, and
harvested multi-millions of voters that do not have any sense of nation or self preservation.

Are other nations going to start distancing themselves from the US?

Will we see ourselves being shunned diplomatically?

Are we getting elbowed out of the global room ,like little adolescent miscreants,
because we cannot bring anything worthwhile to the adult geopolitical table?

Are the “markers” going to start emerging in the form of new strategic alliances
that will not include the United States of America?

The above questions will be answered by actions taken in the next couple of years.

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The new silk road will evolve into a major trade supply chain infrastructure.

Russia China Trade – posted to Youtube by RT

China Border Town Booms — posted to Youtube by CNN




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