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Racial Discord in America

Small Town Ferguson, Missouri — a Microcosm of America

I am not going to expound on the progression of events in Ferguson.
There is enough media coverage of that.
At the bottom of the page is a URL to UK Daily Mail to get
other country news reporting on the incident.

I want to address the issue of the increasing racial discord in the
United States and what mindset is becoming prevalent in the Black Communities.

From the very beginning of this incident there seemed to be the perception
from the African American residents of Ferguson that justice would not prevail.
Before any factoids were presented with the results of an investigation.

A violent lynch mob mentality … and panic is the most contagious disease.

That detrimental attitude is permeating the black communities in America.
A deep seated perception of being constantly persecuted by White America.

Here is a National dilemma … Democracy versus the Republic.
In a Democracy — a car thief is caught by vigilantes and hung from
the nearest tree because the majority of the vigilantes wanted it so.
In a Republic — the citizens stand up and enforce the right of the individual
to an investigation and ,if necessary, a fair trial.

Unfortunately, The belief that race relations in the US would improve
under the Obama administration was another fabricated Utopian myth.

It appears race relations in America have steadily gotten worse since 2008.

Every time you watch TV, listen to the radio, read a newspaper
it is all about racial diversity issues and people attempting to elbow
their way to a permanent position in the front of the line.

If Blacks would use reason instead of emotion, then they would
realize that they have had that privileged entitlement for several decades.

I do not have any unrealistic expectations that this will ever improve.
Too many politicians, race baiters and misguided ideologue
educators will keep on fermenting hatred and dividing the races.

Step back and analyze the situation from an unbiased perspective and the
conclusion will be that whites are being “marginalized” in America.

Blacks are constantly being subtly propagandized/socially engineered to resent whites.

Sad but true — wish it was different — but it isn’t — and it will not be.

It would take several generations of “right thinking” to correct the problem.

The bottom line is that no one in the United States will address the issues — the
causative factors — they only address the end result of racial discord.

The behind the scenes activity that is probably taking place on Capitol Hill is that
they consider the solution to the problem is forced integration into whitopia.
Some academic theorists are proponents of this and there are advocates
creating and implementing strategies.

It is a possibility “those in power” consider non-blacks living in marshmallow land a form of racial
segregation that needs to be rectified.

They completely avoid addressing the factoid that white flight is not entirely due to skin color
— it is due to the fact that a certain percentage of Blacks exhibit violent cultural
behavior that is not acceptable to most people.
That is why non-blacks uproot, pack up and leave their homes.

You need to find the root of that problem.
Why does that problem exist?
It is not all about the evil white man getting ready to jump out from behind a bush.

If you address the root of the problem, then you are progressing towards a solution.
If you ignore it, then you are just relocating the problem and not solving it.

Look for factoids instead of believing fictitious political rhetoric and false narratives.

Study the empirical evidence.

Questions: Behavioral Differences
What if — one of the black Ferguson police officers had shot a
white teenager?
Would the white residents of Ferguson start burning and looting?
Would white right wing national leaders swarm Ferguson and the news media?
Would the KKK and white supremacists converge on the city?
Would the whites demand that the black police officer be found guilty without
an investigation?
Would it have become a national political issue?

Do the people out there, that are fomenting, ever consider the possibility that this is not a racial incident?

The rest of the world is observing America

Read article in UK Daily Mail…

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