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Police Officers Becoming Targets of Opportunity in America

Black radical groups forecasting that more police officers will be assassinated in 2015.

Unfortunately, America has reached another low point in its’ racial disparity history.
These groups advocating Black Power, Black Radical Islam, Black Marxism, etc. —
have set cohesive racial relations between blacks and non-blacks back decades — probably forever, and it is being condoned, directly or indirectly, by the highest leadership in our country.

I do not foresee how this will be changed in the future — due to an ideology masked as political correctness it has been ignored — thus encouraged.

It saddens my heart that these Black Racist movements, propagated by emotionally disturbed individuals with a deep seated hatred of whites, have served to stigmatize/marginalize Whites “and” Blacks.

These activities promote open hostile dialogue and physical violence against whites.
They keep pounding down the wedge that is dividing our nation.

When the top cop at the DOJ openly slurs and marginalizes its’ citizens by calling
us a “nation of cowards” and frequently preaches to the people that we are subtle racists — then
that should be a caveat to those whom his statement is being directed at.
He should have the intelligence and the political professionalism to know that his remarks
are laced with overtones of racial bias and has detrimental effects on race relations in
the United States of America.

Most white families teach their children racial tolerance. Due to the increased anti-white
movements in this country, this will change. Resentment builds Resentment.

There are markers/red flags popping up all over America — no whiteness allowed.

Disparity — one example of many:
An old white man in the Nevada desert mumbles the word Negro with no racial slur intended.
This kicks over an anthill on Capitol Hill and accusations of terrorist start being disseminated
by our nations’ leadership and the compromised mainstream media makes it a news item for several weeks. The president during a diplomatic mission to Malaysia brings it up as a racial issue in
his geopolitical speech and stating that “WE” still have a lot of work to do. (What was that?)

However, not addressed — a white mother and her 13 month old baby in his stroller get
blown away by two blacks. Black youths all over this country have made it a sport to
attack unsuspecting white people, especially the elderly – get whitey night, knockout game,
polar bear hunting. You can find many videos of these activities, some being posted by the
attackers themselves, on Youtube. (google, white girl bleed a lot).

A noticeable total silence from Capitol Hill on these incidents — you can hear a pin drop in
the hall of justice.

So … how should the non-black citizens interpret the remark that is consistently
being proclaimed by Black Leadership? — “We still have a lot of work to do”— what
does that “really” mean?


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