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“Frustrated Travelers: Rethinking TSA Operations to Improve Passenger Screening and Address Threats to Aviation”




June 7, 2016

Testimony of Inspector General John Roth before the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs United States Senate

Frustrated Travelers: Rethinking TSA Operations to Improve Passenger Screening and Address Threats to Aviation

Almost a year ago, I testified before this Committee at a hearing on TSA’s programs and operations. During that hearing, I testified that “we remain deeply concerned about its ability to execute its important mission.”

I noted that TSA had challenges in almost every area of TSA’s operations: its problematic implementation of risk assessment rules, including its management of TSA Precheck; failures in passenger and baggage screening operations, discovered in part through our covert testing program; TSA’s controls over access to secure areas, including management of its access badge program; its management of the workforce integrity program; TSA’s oversight over its acquisition and maintenance of screening equipment; and other issues we have discovered in the course of over 115 audit and inspection reports.

At the time, I testified that TSA’s reaction to the vulnerabilities that our audits uncovered reflected “TSA’s failure to understand the gravity of the situation.”

Since that time, we have conducted more audits and released more reports that challenge TSA’s management of its programs and operations.

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{Source: Office of Inspector General-U.S. Department of Homeland Security-Media Relations}

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