In the years to come, Norway will be developing a new maritime industry. Our budget proposal therefore includes funding to increase so-called ‘blue knowledge’. This takes place both by increasing allocations for research, and by strengthening research communities. We have presented a maritime strategy that will help realise the commercial potential of the sea, and now we are following up this initiative, says Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg (Progress Party).

In the budget, the Government makes a number of proposals to follow up the maritime strategy prepared this spring.

Key measures:

  • The Government proposes increased efforts in aquaculture research and knowledge about new marine species totalling NOK 14 million.
  • Strengthening resource research and monitoring by NOK 11 million through an increase in revenue from the fisheries research fee.
  • The Government proposes an allocation of NOK 11 million for a research expedition to the Antarctic in the winter of 2018-2019. The objective of the expedition is to gain better knowledge about the krill population in order to better utilise the commercial potential for harvesting krill.
  • The Government wants to cluster the marine communities in Bergen in order to realise the commercial potential of the sea and along the coast, and is proposing an allocation of NOK 10 million for further study of a co-location.
  • The Government proposes an allocation of NOK 5 million for a new centre in Tromsø devoted to maritime and Arctic issues.

Blue industries will have better access to policy instruments.

Since the Government took office in 2013, allocations for marine research have increased by more than NOK 370 million. We aim to continue this commitment. Through next year’s National Budget, we will also increase funding for Innovation Norway in order to bolster Norway’s profile as a leading maritime nation, says Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland (Conservative Party).

The Government has proposed a NOK 10 million increase in the allocation for Innovation Norway in order to strengthen Norway’s profile as a leading maritime nation. The Government is also proposing a NOK 30 million allocation for marine and maritime pilot and demonstration projects through Innovation Norway. This effort will help reduce the cost and risk associated with testing and demonstration of new technology and new solutions.

[Source:Government of Norway/Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries -/- Media Relations]
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