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New Legislation to Fight Terrorism

 New legislation to fight terrorism

In response to recent events, the USA, Canada, and Australia
have come up with new legislation to fight terrorism.

Creating legislation is one thing — workable strategies and initiating action is another.

If there is no immediate action taken to secure geographical borders against external threats, then legislation to fight terrorism is a wasted effort.

It will orchestrate more false narratives pushed on the citizens,
construct rhetoric to appease the nation’s populace, and generate
another meme to be pipe-lined as canned news to media outlets.

There is a “clear and present danger” to the world.
Thus, we need a “worldwide effort” to thwart the aggressors.
The world needs a consortium of sovereign states to co-operate
and implement a harmonized geopolitical strategy to confront the

This strategy to include full co-operation to combat the threat both on the physical and cultural levels. — military, financial,intelligence sharing, etc.

Any nation that has elected officials in positions of responsibility that
think differently should vacate their seat and be replaced by a concerned
proactive leader — Homeland security should be the number one priority.

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