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New Caledonia The Heart Of Melanesia

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: New Caledonia Office of Tourism}

Spotlight on New Caledonia

(The below posting is a tourist promotional share from the New Caledonia Office of Tourism )

 Discover New Caledonia

New Caledonia, a heart of the South Pacific … Let train in a country rich in sharing and in hospitality. Discover the natural beauty and the cultural wealth which propose 3 provinces of New Caledonia. 3 GIE for every province of the country to promote and support, mainly at the tourist level, the municipalities of their respective zones.


What to do in New Caledonia:


We do not miss activities in this country! At sea, on ground and in the air, all the madnesses are allowed and without moderation! The majority of the activities are turned to the raising awareness and the conservation of the nature: you will have the opportunity to practise some pedestrian, equestrian ride, strolls and visits in tribe. Only moment of sharing and meeting with the multi-ethnic population of the country.


What to see in New Caledonia:


“Le Caillou” (“The Pebble” his small nickname) is recognized for its beauty and its nature reserves of the lagoon and the parks in the heritage of the UNESCO. The historic upheavals were big factors of development of New Caledonia (arrived missionary, colonization, mining extraction, wave of populating, events). It is on these points that museums, nature reserves, welcome in tribes and visits of mines remind to you what this country has to offer: user-conviviality, respect, prevention, raising awareness and respect.


Where to sleep in New Caledonia:


It is indeed a major stake for visitors who want to travel and to leave on several days. The island possesses uncountable accommodations and, according to your needs and your requirements you will have: hotel, holiday cottage, bed and breakfast and camping. Hotels are considered and propose trips and activities on the region. Holiday cottages and guest houses, offer you a remarkable reception and activities. Campings are proposed to the backpackers, by the sea, in the chain or in the middle of nowhere. The reservations are made at least 48 hours, to see a few days in advance, do not hesitate to call !


Where to eat in New Caledonia:


What to say about the New Caledonian, delicious and delicious gastronomy! New Caledonia of part its multi-ethnicity, has a multitude of tastes and flavors which will delight the greediest: Vietnamese, French specialities, quibble, Italian, oceanian and more. I cannot leave you on your “hunger”! The dish traditional Melanesian, the coalman, consists of tarots, yams, poingo banana, accompanied with chicken, dogfish or white necklace. The quite seasoned with some coconut milk!

The preparation is then wrapped in banana tree leaves, and cooks in a traditional oven.



Get around in New Caledonia:


The road is long to reach certain municipalities and certain islands. An airline company and a shipping company are at your disposal for long route (on the Big Earth one account 5 hours of road approximately for 500 km and according according to islands, we can matter 6 hours of boat or 30 minutes of flight). Several services are at your disposal including local travel agencies, tour operators (which plan a small length of stay with accommodation and transport), public transportation, buses of “Bush” (region distant from the capital), shuttles, our local taxis and rental agencies of cars. Take and reserve in advance your transport, it will be largely useful for you! Have a good trip!


What’s on in New Caledonia:


Local holidays and fairs are the main attractions and the animations of the Pebble. You will also find exhibitions, concerts, evenings and animations of dances and songs in the section ” Events not to be missed “. Do not hesitate to consult our projected calendar of the year often updated. During these events you can take advantage of moment to share and meet other ethnic groups, other cultures, other mentalities! Only moments are in your reach!


Inescapable places:

Every region in its specificities and his tourist assets.


To Nouméa:

– The Tjibaou cultural center, a marvel of architecture and a database on the Melanesian culture

– The museum of the City and New Caledonia, redrawing the story of Nouméa and the Melanesian culture

– The maritime museum, telling the unfortunate expedition of Lapérouse

– The Zoological and forest park, which shelters numerous animal and vegetable species of the territory of which the cagou famous

– The Aquarium of Lagoons, playful and grand and representative space of our invaluable lagoon


In South Province :  

– The park of the Blue River and Cap N’ Dua, two nature reserves, two beautiful strolls to discover the exceptional flora and fauna of this region of ” red ground ” that is the Big South

– The mine of Thio, one of the first mines of New Caledonia, Port Bouquet, Borhendi

– The park of the Big Ferns, the reserve of the biggest ferns of the Pebble with in its center, the heart of Farino,

– The Forgotten Rib, the lighthouse Amédée, the ilôt tape worm, spotlight of idleness, the Island of Pines, dream destination for the lovers, the Chap de Bourail, the beach of Gouaro Déva,



In North Province :

– The Heart of Voh, emblem 3 GIE and popular depiction by Yann Arthus BERTRAND

– The Hen of Hienghène and the rocks of Lindéralique, a magnificent landscape

– The East coast and its waterfalls (Colnett, Tao, Baa), the tub of Ouaième

– The mine of Tiebaghi, the old mine of the North become ghost village

– The caves of Koumac



In Loyalties Islands :

– To Maré: the Caves of Asicen, the hike of Shabadran, gone hiking for the most hardened

– To Lifou: the cliffs of Xodré and Jokin, plunging into a turquoise blue lagoon, the jewels of Luengöni, the mythical path of Ejegnen, the cave of the Devil, the big chieftainship of Hnathalo,The bay of Sandalwood, Chateaubriand, Peng, the caves of Wedrumel, Notre-Dame of Easo,

– To Ouvéa: the bridge of Mouli, the cliffs of Lekinyi, the nursery of the sharks ( Nimek), the pleiads of the North and the South.



Some places were not maybe mentioned, however be there sure, numerous sites and diverse activities are to discover on ours island!

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