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Migration Crisis Can Only Be Resolved With Involvement Of North-African Countries

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: HUgov}


Crisis can only be resolved with involvement of North-African countries





The migration crisis can only be resolved within the framework of a comprehensive political cooperation scheme which involves the North-African countries which have to date played a key role in curbing the flood of illegal immigration afflicting the Mediterranean region, Hungary’s State Secretary for Economic Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade told the Hungarian News Agency MTI in a statement made by telephone from Rabat on Thursday.

Levente Magyar had political and economic talks in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco where he reviewed the most important issues of bilateral relations and the challenges posed by the flood of migrants with eight ministers and a number of members of the business communities of the three North-African countries.

The State Secretary informed his partners of the migration situation in Europe and details of the Hungarian response. The politician added that all of his negotiating partners without exception reassured the Hungarian party of their understanding and support; however, a negative image has evolved of Hungary in the local media.

Mr Magyar attempted to dispel this negative image in a number of interviews, in the wake of which public opinion on Hungary has improved in his view.

Hungary’s primary message is that the problem calls for a global solution, of which every country of the world must take their own share, the politician said, highlighting that the European Union should provide more support for the countries of North-Africa in the interest of helping them preserve their “insulating capacity”.

The State Secretary for economic diplomacy additionally told MTI that there are highly promising business opportunities on the horizon in all three countries, in particular, in the fields of the introduction of Hungarian agricultural technologies, and the sharing of Hungarian know-how regarding urban operation techniques, urban development and transport organisation.

Hungary has recently established trading houses in Morocco and Algeria, and is planning to open an office in Tunisia as well.

There are mixed economic committees with all three countries which – in the view of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – greatly facilitate the development of economic relations.


[photo credits: “Migrants in Hungary 2015 Aug 002” by Photo: Gémes Sándor/SzomSzed – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]




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