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Mexico and the United States enter into a new Civil Aviation Agreement

This week Mexico and the United States enhanced their civil aviation agreement.

The agreement will go into effect 01January2016.

The ad referendum liberalizes the existing Civil Aviation Agreement between the two countries.
It allows US and Mexican airlines unrestricted access to any city in the United States and Mexico.

Not addressed as a reason for the negotiation of the ad referendum — but the timing
is impeccable — the newly proclaimed presidential executive order on immigration reform will
open up new air passenger markets to Mexico and connections to Central and South America.

There is multi-millions of “illegal immigrants” (now legal) in the U.S. that did not travel
back to their home country for fear of being caught and deported from the United States.

With the enactment of the new presidential executive order, that fear has been eliminated.
This will open up a gigantic new air passenger market in the U.S. as there is Latino
“undocumented residents” domiciled in every U.S. State.

I am sure that the civil aviation corporations are excited and expecting to operate new
profitable routes. They will be busy doing their demographic research, penciling out
costs analysis, determining what type of aircraft to utilize, applying for new landing slots,
establishing new partnerships and codeshare agreements with other air carriers and maybe just
a smidgen of lobbying in Washington, DC.

The new agreement will also open up new markets for international air cargo, which were previously restricted. Joint production (passenger & cargo aircraft) and “all-cargo carriers” will be looking
for new business and feverishly calculating their “contribution and/or capacity cost yields”.

If the American aviation corporations intend to compete in these new markets, then they
are going to need Spanish speaking cabin crew members and ground staff.

This new established aviation agreement should open up thousands of employment opportunities for the newly legalized Spanish speaking “undocumented residents”.

A short synopsis of the new aviation referendum is below.


The U.S. government officials led by the Department of State’s Economic and Business Affairs Bureau reached agreement, ad referendum, on a new civil aviation agreement between the United States and Mexico.

The agreement will enter into force on January 1, 2016, after both parties have completed their necessary routine internal processes.

The new agreement, when brought into force, will benefit U.S. and Mexican passenger and cargo airlines, airports, travelers, and businesses by allowing significantly increased market access for passenger and cargo airlines to fly between any city in Mexico and any city in the United States.

Cargo airlines, for the first time, will have expanded opportunities to provide service to new destinations that were not available under the current agreement.

This air transport agreement further elevates and strengthens the dynamic commercial and economic relationship between the United States and Mexico by facilitating greater trade and tourism.

It is a key element of the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue, that aims to promote competitiveness and connectivity, foster economic growth, productivity and innovation, and partner for regional and global leadership.

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