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Martin Luther King JR –What Would He Think


Tomorrow is Martin Luther King JR National Holiday

This is the big event of the year for civil rights advocates, politicians, and race baiters to step on a platform viewed by millions.

Leading up to this prestigious yearly gathering, the mainstream media and research institutes have disseminated/published a plethora of statistics on the plight of the African American and the racial disparity gaps that exist in the United States. All, of course, with overtones that the causative factor is “the White System”.

Addressing the issues with professional looking graphs and charts authenticated by their research rhetoric on items such as — most black families are headed by single parents, black students attend worse schools, wealthy blacks rarely exist, black middle class kids are downwardly mobile,
blacks born poor usually stay poor, subtle racism permeates our society.,etc., etc.

I wonder what type of results would be revealed if research studies were done on
poor whites? It would be an interesting comparison. What obstacles confront them from
moving up the socioeconomic ladder? In today’s environment the poor, young,
European American Male has a “hard row to hoe”.

Some of the MLK articles are injected and/or anchored with the statement:
“What Would Martin Luther King JR Think?”.

I assume that this is a politically correct “set-up” question to be answered by the leaders
of our nation that will be in attendance at the event tomorrow.

Let me guess — “Folks, we still got a lot of work to do”

What would Martin Luther King JR think?
Setting politics aside, I would imagine he would think the same thing that I think.

Given the fact that affirmative action laws and the hundreds of privileged
entitlement programs that spawned from that legislation — gave blacks
a legal discriminatory advantage to succeed — why hasn’t the African American
population made monumental advances?

Maybe, all the “giveaways” thwarted motivation, dumbed down the African American youth, and created the political strategy of paying off the blacks with the taxpayer’s money to harvest millions of votes. ( “I don’t have to do nut-in I will gets my check”)

The welfare system kills incentive and encourages single family black households.
You get more money for making babies — if you do not get married.
Thus, a breakdown occurs in large numbers of African American families.
“If” that breakdown of the family unit creates dysfunctional antisocial offspring,
then it ripples outward to the black community, then the nation, and eventually becomes everyone’s problem.

In the 60’s there were some forward-thinking African American leaders, whose ideas were gaining momentum, that were leading the black youth of America in the right direction. At that point in time we were right on the cusp of a new era in racial equality.

I remember one of the black slogans was “don’t live for the weekend”.
Do you think any black youth today, the little violent poo-butts that run rampantly in packs destroying malls, would have any idea what that means?

The affirmative action programs, quotas,etc. — killed “equal rights” dead in its’ tracks by blatantly discriminating against whites. It serves to perpetuate, through social engineering false narratives by those who gain from it, that the African American (now in the 21st century) is owed retribution for slavery and past social injustices.

With the current state of frequent racially related events (or labeled as such by those that want to create racial discord), especially since 2009, — I would think that Martin Luther King JR might consider the possibility that his civil rights movement was high-jacked by self serving race baiters.

If United States census statistics are correct, then in the year 2017 whites will be the
minority. How will the black racial minority privileged-entitlement programs be justified then?

I would imagine, the Black Nationalist’s are being proactive and already working on that issue. Spreading narratives that whites have to accept accountability for their ancestors for eternity and beyond.

Like what? – accept accountability for my ancestors down through the generations, who came to America as indentured servants, future generations got their farm burned and ran off of their land because they were slavery abolitionists, and down to me in the sixties who got evicted from my apartment and took a lot of backlash because of my association with black friends.

Is it questionable that university programs such as “critical race theory” and “white privilege” are helping race relations? — my opinion is that they build racial bias and resentment.

It is time for the African Americans to assume accountability for themselves and the
flaws in their culture. Quit blaming every negative thing in their life on the evil white man.

If not, they will just keep producing generations of complaining finger pointers.
Which diverts them from using their time more proactively — like building a future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

African Americans cannot be the white mans burden forever… whites are a global shrinking demographic.

A man “can” throw off the “brain chains”, and the “limiting factors” that hold him down.

If you truly want to be free, then have to realize that from the moment that a man is born — no one owes him anything.

That thought, self accountability, persistence and determination will serve
you well during your life span.

In the spirit of civilitas



VIDEO, Obama speech 2008 – assume accountability – posted to Youtube by Associated Press
This was excellent advise – what happened since then? — did the rhetoric change?
If so…. why?

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