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Malta Tourism Minister Addresses National Policy For Tourism

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Jan 31, 2015


Today the Minister of Tourism Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis and the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo addressed a public consultation on the draft National Policy for Tourism 2015-2020 in the island.

The Tourism Minister Dr Edward Zammit Lewis explained that the National Tourism Policy covers the tourism industry in the Maltese Islands and thus emphasized the fact that it is the document in its entirety which has relevance for Gozitan tourism industry. However, the Minister Zammit Lewis also reiterated that Gozo possesses a number of unique features that distinguish it from the island of Malta which it was necessary to also issued a number of specific measures for the needs of this island.

“This Government strongly believes in the beautiful outlook to Gozo to be truly distinct destination and therefore, by this new policy Tourism we will be solid proposals really do lead to Gozo positioned and projected as a destination able to walk alone and not always in the shadow of Malta, ‘stressed the Minister for Tourism Dr Edward Zammit Lewis.

‘We believe that Gozo picked the track but much remains to be done so that we can say that our goals lħaqnihom,’ stressed the Minister Zammit Lewis.

Minister Zammit Lewis explained how Gozo is a destination that attracts almost equal share of foreign and domestic tourists. In terms of attractions, Gozo stands out as a quality destination where quiet prevails and pure environment where the visitor experience genuine atmosphere of the Mediterranean island where traditions are still strong and valuable.

‘Gozo should build on what is positive and deserve to get away from that,’ reiterated the Minister Zammit Lewis. ‘It will develop on the principle of Competitive Advantage. I agree fully that the volume tourism in Gozo and much width in which to grow and roam but do not believe that Gozo should focus on any volumes. This being ngħiduh even to the island of Malta and in the case ta’Għawdex like nemfasizzawh more. ‘

‘Gozo bear to be selective in what must capitalize on the advantages and socio-cultural and natural is endowed them,’ stressed the Minister for Tourism Dr Edward Zammit Lewis. Need to build on the foundations of existing quality by attracting tourists seeking that already offers.

It must do by extending the season and increase the basic offer already exists: aspects such as rural f’agrituriżmu can evolve sophisticated, those of wellness that fully integrate with the lifestyle trends that are growing so on Our tourism markets.

There is scope for broadening in activity holidays where Gozo enjoys beauty of coast and countryside that can attract thousands more tourists even during the quieter months of the year.

In the field of scuba diving Gozo is already recognized as one of the top destinations in the Mediterranean but not only in the world and much more remains to be done to maximize the potential of this sector.

Meanwhile the Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo reiterated satisfaction that in the Draft National Policy for Tourism, a whole chapter dedicated to Gozo.

This shows in practice how this government gives special attention to Gozo and furthermore demonstrate knowledge in the field of tourism, which is a very important sector for Gozo. The island has distinct characteristics and needs from those of Malta and need to be addressed separately on their merits, and not on the wrong principle of ‘one size fits all. This is not to say that Gozo should go to self or to the tourism policy which is not fully coordinated with that applying to Malta in general.

Tourism is already helping Gozo diversify its economy and since being given the status of a distinct destination will help this gem truly can be positioned successfully in overseas markets.

The Minister Anton Refalo reiterated that the Ministry for Gozo from the outset has ensured that the tourism sector in Gozo given urgent injection to allow immediate results and in the presence of complete political vacuum in the -qasam which translated declining substantially in activity and revenue related.

All results for tourism in Gozo for 2014 show that was a year of phenomenal success: both for international tourism as well as the domestic. Increased passengers and vehicles visited Gozo, the hotel occupancy and not collective accommodation increased over a wider range of months and all sectors of tourism in Gozo such as scuba diving, wellness, activity holidays such as climbing, walking, hikings, all grown Biking good rates.

The Minister Refalo said that this result was achieved various initiatives; including schemes with cheap travel Gozo Channel ships, extensive campaigns of local and international advertising designed to raise awareness and interest in the destination as well as improvements are made on the website VisitGozo.

The Ministry for Gozo believes that the island needs attention to improve the product and a year and a half passed and work has taken decisions to this effect. This place is revamped to Gozo, clean and a fun both residents as well as local and foreign visitors to choose their island holiday. These tasks include:

• Restoration of Banca Giuratale now reached an advanced stage;

• Continuation of the master plan of the citadel that once ready to lead this historic place is a unique experience that gives a better understanding of the history, heritage and culture of the Gozitan;

• Maintenance and cleaning of the beaches and the surrounding environment, including work in the promenade Qbajjar left in a state of neglect for years and had become a danger for the visit;

• Continuation of the process that was standing between the Ministry for Gozo, the MTA and the MEPA aimed at scuttled off the coast, the ruins of former AFM patrol boat and PS 33 thus offering another underwater environment as an attraction for divers to understand that it is an important sector for the economy of the island.This project is progressing apace and insegwuh step to niffinalizzawh.

• Planning buoy project Xlendi Gozo to have the desired mooring of cruise industry and also benefit from this industry. The Minister also mentioned that this year planned to Gozo about 28 cruiseliner.

The policy of the Government Tourism recognizes that Gozo Gozo is particular needs. Hence the need for good solutions Gozo areas such as transport, employment, seasonality, the balance between domestic and foreign market, the genuine aspect rural island and high quality accommodation to find in Gozo.

 The Minister reiterated that the initiative Refalo, who took the Minister of Education and the Minister for Tourism to bring the subject of hospitality as one of the courses at the level of secondary education, is very positive.

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