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‘Just Facts’ On Income, Wealth, And Poverty

Just Facts has completed a massive research project on income, wealth, and poverty to empower you with crucial facts about these life-changing issues. 

The Subsidised Mineowner

This resource contains hundreds of rigorously documented facts, many of which shatter myths spread by politicians and the media. These facts speak to vital questions like:

* Is the middle class becoming poorer?
* What is the relationship between government corruption and poverty?

* How do Americans spend their money, and how has this changed over the years?

* How large is the  gender wage gap?

* How much of the average American’s income is now provided by government?
* How does average income in the United States stack up against the rest of the world?
* What portion of the poor in the United States have big screen TVs, smart phones, and air conditioning?

Regardless of what anyone — on the left or the right — has to say, the facts are what they are. And if we don’t start with the facts (a.k.a. reality), we will inevitably make uninformed decisions that could harm ourselves and others.

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