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Is America losing its’ Cognitive Faculties

The formulation of opinions based on independent thought.

Are we losing the ability to critically think?

Last night I made the mistake of spending too much time in front of the TV.

Watching our leaders being interviewed, the reporting of world affairs, narratives
being expressed by opposing sides, ideological bantering, and the ongoing chatter of
the multitude of scandals engulfing the U.S.

The watchdogs voice that bayed the whispering wind and the loud laugh that
spoke the vacant mind.

As I have said many times before, I think the problem is that the brain of the majority
of the Human Race is hard-wired ,at birth, for manipulation.

Thus, we have masses of “un-thinking followers” crawling over the globe like
diseased rats — looking for some charismatic leader,spreading false narratives,
to attach themselves to with cult like allegiance.

I have arrived at that conclusion by conversing with multitudes of individuals
over the past few decades — from the far left to the far right and points in-between
with various ideological viewpoints from around the globe.

I have never been able to grasp the concept that such a large percentage
of humanity would so easily surrender their mind to something that would promise them
a Utopian dreamland. Something that is clearly in their best interest to avoid.

You can spread out on the table dozens of indisputable factoids, that cannot
be challenged, and the cult followers will not only deny them as falsehoods
— but will express disdain that you presented the evidence.

That “conditioned response” is indicative of a closed mind with tunnel vision
that unknowingly has been socially engineered. Social contagion being
the etiological agent that aerobically infects the unsuspecting and vulnerable
weak minded masses.

Therein lies one of the major problems/obstacles when “advocating for the good of the people”.

I believe that critical/independent thinkers are becoming an extinct species.
The small percentage still in existence today is morphing into misanthropes
and they are seeking solitude and segregating themselves from the general populace and
its’ problems.

That is a tragic loss of “Human Capital”

Who is John Galt?



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