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Indonesia Is Largest Exporter Of Shrimp To The US

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: IDgov}

Indonesia Attains the Largest Market Share of Shrimp Exports in the US

Washington DC, March 2015 – The initiative of the Indonesian Minister of Trade, Rachmat
Gobel, to make trade attachés as the spearhead of national exports was not made in vain. Based
on the United States trade data of March 2015, the Trade Attaché in the Indonesian Embassy in
Washington DC, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, stated that Indonesia has set a record as the “ruler” of
shrimp exports to the US with a total value of USD 93.5 million, dominating with a 22.7% market

The shrimp product ruling exports to the US is warm water peeled frozen shrimp. The
export data reported by the US government shows the export performance in January 2015.
“This of course is great news in the midst of the Indonesian Government’s efforts to boost exports
by 300% in 2019,” said Made.

This position is followed by India, recording USD 91.4 million and taking 22.19% of the market

In 3rd place is Ecuador with 51.1 million or 12,41% of the market share.

From the ASEAN region, Vietnam is raking up USD 44.3 million, a market share of 10.7% with Thailand close behind
with USD 34.2 million or 8.3% of the market share.

Meanwhile, Malaysia recorded USD 14.3 million with a market share of 3.49%.

According to Made, Indonesia must be able to carry this momentum of good export performance
to increase exports all year long. Indonesia must be able to maintain products from pests and
diseases hitting other shrimp producers, which are currently not affecting Indonesian shrimp.
“Shrimp products are top seafood that are in high demand in the US, making a very promising
business opportunity,” Made added.

The main thing that needs to be sustained in maintaining Indonesia’s position is ensuring the
quality of the shrimp products that are produced indeed are the best quality and meet health and
safety standards.

Made said that the increasing trend of the US demand for Fish products is a business opportunity
for national shrimp farmers and entrepreneurs. “Especially since we are striving to establish our
maritime resources as a source of renewable economic power,” she said.

The US market demand for fish and fish products is very high. The US Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) states that more than 90% of the market for fish and fish products in the
US is filled with imports with the trend of consumption increasing. The US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are urging the people of
the United States to consume more fish, particularly for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women,
and children.

These developments show that it’s not only shrimp products that have an opportunity in the US
market, but also other fishery products such as, tuna, crab, and processed products (canned).

In 2014, the total export value of fish and seafood in Indonesia to the US reached USD 1.3 billon;
meanwhile, the total exports of shrimp reached about 1.1 million. “This figure has made Indonesia
one of the main exporters of fish and fishery products to the US, particularly for shrimp,” he

The Indonesian government seems to be continuously striving to penetrate markets to increase
Indonesia’s market share in the US. The government along with entrepreneurs are becoming
increasingly active in participating in exhibitions. This time, entrepreneurs were participating at the
prestigious Seafood Expo North America (SENA) in Boston, US, which was be held on 15-17 March

This exhibition was taken part by 14 exporting companies of national fisheries supported by the
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, and the
Indonesian Consulate General in New York.

“This opportunity is a strategic opportunity to establish networks and a trade opportunity of
fisheries products with prominent players in the US market,” said Made.


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