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IATA Airlines Financial Monitor Report – September 2015

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: IATA}


The September report of the Airlines Financial Monitor





Key points:

  • Airline share prices were up 2% in September compared to August, supported by low jet fuel prices. Airline shares outperformed the broader market which fell 4% over the month;
  • The financial performance of the airline industry has been mostly solid up to the middle of the year, with Q2 results showing large profit improvements in the US and Asia Pacific, but down in Latin America;
  • Crude oil prices stayed below $50/bbl in September, kept down by expectations of supply increases from Iran and the US as well as a softer demand outlook;
  • Passenger yields in the US continue to fall and although the US$ appreciation has exaggerated declines in global fares, currency adjusted levels are also down, by 6% on a year ago;
  • Weakness in yields and fares reflects downward pressure from declines in fuel costs and stronger growth in capacity relative to demand in some regions;
  • RPK growth was strong in August and the trend for 2015 remains robust. FTKs were stable, but the industry was 2% smaller in August compared to 2014 year-end;
  • Growth in seats accelerated in August with net storage activity falling, but remained in line with growth in demand;
  • Passenger loads reached a record high in August (80.6%, seasonally adjusted) as demand outstripped capacity expansion, but air freight load factors fell further to levels not seen since mid-2009

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