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Hungary’s Prime Minister States “We Must Not Turn Ourselves Into Being Victims”

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: HUgov}


We must not turn ourselves into being victims






October 22, 2015

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the European People’s Party congress on Thursday in Madrid that considering people who left their homes victims must not turn ourselves into being victims.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the European Christian democratic approach does not tolerate any anti-Muslim policy. Muslim faith, which we honor and respect is not responsible for the root causes of this mass migratory movement, he said.

“I have a heartfelt compassion for the people who left their homes. They are victims of the bad governance of their own countries. They are victims of bad international political decisions. And they are victims of our bad European policy as well, which raises expectations that are impossible to be fulfilled. They are obviously victims of the human traffickers”, he stressed.

“But considering them victims must not turn ourselves into being victims. (…) Just because we do not consider them as enemies we must not act against ourselves.  Our moral responsibility is to give back these people their homes and their countries. It can’t be our objective to provide them with a new European life”, Mr. Orbán explained.

If we are unable to protect the EU’s borders in Greece, we must do so in Hungary and Slovenia

The Prime Minister emphasized that if we are unable to protect our borders at Greece, which is the Eastern gate of the Balkans and the first line of defense, then we have to do it at the Western gate of the Balkans at Hungary and Slovenia.

He said that Europe is currently rich and weak, which is the most dangerous possible combination.

Turkey is an important strategic partner, he stressed, but if we expect the solution from them that will make us exposed. If we do not want that we have to protect our borders, the Prime Minister emphasized, saying that there is an unlimited source of supply of people.


[photo credits: “Migrants in Hungary 2015 Aug 018” by Photo: Gémes Sándor/SzomSzed – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]




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