During negotiations, officials from the European Commission criticized several points of the immigration regulations, the operation of transit zones and the establishment of the border security fence.

Of these issues, the Government showed willingness to house migrants who are under eighteen in youth camps within Hungary until their requests for asylum are assessed, as is the case with children, providing they undertake DNA testing to determine their true age.

The quota package includes major security risks

This compromise did not prove sufficient for the officials from the European Commission. The European Commission officials are objecting to the existence of transit zones.

Hungary wishes to maintain the transit zones under all possible circumstances, because together with the border security fence it is the transit zones that guarantee the security of Hungarian citizens and Europe.
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In view of the fact that the aforementioned negotiations were unsuccessful, the Government of Hungary does not wish to change its immigration regulations, and if the Brussels Commission launches legal proceedings we are ready to fight the resulting legal battle.

[Source: Government of Hungary/Communication Center -/- Media Relations]
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