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Hungary – “The EU’S New Package Of Immigration Proposals Plans To Replace The Dublin Agreement”

The New EU Immigration Package Could Determine The Future In The Long Term

Hémycicle du Parlement européen (Bruxelles)

The new EU immigration package could determine the future in the long term, and accordingly the Government is counting on the support of both the National Assembly and members of the public who are replying to the National Consultation questionnaire”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on Hungarian M1 television’s Sunday evening current affairs program.

According to György Bakondi, the EU’S new package of immigration proposals plans to replace the Dublin Agreement with an EU-level system that would to a major extent follow the plan of George Soros, does not conform to the Basic Treaty of the European Union, and would bring a huge number of immigrant into Europe that would be distributed centrally by Brussels. “This is why the Government turned to the electorate with the National Consultation, and the parliamentary debate would also shed light on the standpoint of the various political parties”, he pointed out.

Mr. Bakondi said it was extremely important for the National Assembly’s majority standpoint and as many Consultation replies as possible to support the Government in the debates of the upcoming days at various levels of EU decision-making.

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He highlighted the fact that mass migration and the security issues it causes could have major political consequences, as indicated by the landside victories that have been seen throughout Europe in recent years.

The Chief Security Advisor said that during the holiday security will be protected using secret service instruments and through open action, including an increased police presence and technical barriers. Mr. Bakondi recommended that people travelling abroad register for consular protection and keep an eye out for official information and warnings.

[Source: Government of Hungary (Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI) -/- Media Relations]
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