“During the course of the National Consultation, an overwhelming majority of people agreed with the fundamental question that we should defend Hungary and that it should remain the way it is”, Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson said on Hungarian M1 television’s Wednesday morning current affairs program, adding: “This is what we must also build future policies on”.

According to Mr. Tuzson, the people would not like Hungary to be changed and would like Hungary to maintain its place within the European Union. “They want a Europe built on nations, not a centrally controlled one”, he said.

The Minister of State also spoke about the fact that there exists a fundamental confusion of values in Brussels: “Many people are confusing the concept of refugees with that of migrants who are arriving for economic purposes, and are saying that economic migration is good for Europe.

The quota package includes major security risks

The Hungarian Government does not agree, and believes that it is in the interests of Hungary and the Hungarian people for the Hungarians to be employed. And until we reach a stage where every single Hungarian has a job we shouldn’t be dealing with bringing people into the country so they can work instead of the Hungarians”, Mr. Tuzson declared.

Speaking later on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” program, the Minister of State stressed: “No politics or representation of national interests can be based on ideas that the people do not support”. “The Hungarian Government has long professed that an administration can only be successful and success can only be achieved in the country if its goals are based on the opinion of the people. This is why national consultations are important, and this is what the Government will continue to do in future”, the Minister of State emphasized.

[Source: Government of Hungary (MTI) -/- Media Relations]
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