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Hungary Is Forming Six New Border Patrol Divisions

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Open Eyes Opinion {source: HUgov}

Border Security

Statement from the Hungarian National Police Headquarters





On Wednesday, Chief Commissioner of the Hungarian National Police Károly Papp announced that on 1 September 2015 a Border Police Directorate will be established within the Riot Police.

This new organisational unit within the Riot Police will be formed from operational divisions relocated to provincial areas and the Intensive Patrol Divisions of the Riot Police. Students completing their first year at the Police Training Academy will be under the direction of border patrol divisions, and will receive probationary contracts with the Police.

In accordance with the orders of the Chief of Police, six border patrol divisions will be formed within the two border patrol operational departments of the Directorate of Border Police.

The new directorate will start full operations on 15 September 2015, with a staff of 2,106 people.

The headquarters of the Border Police Directorate will be located in the central building of the Riot Police in Budapest. The operational centre of the Border Patrol Operation Divisions will be at the Police Training Academy in Szeged, while some staff will be deployed in Kiskunhalas.

Border patrol divisions will reinforce defence of the state borders and maintain order in border areas. The activities of the Border Police Directorate will be supported by helicopters, and mounted and dog patrols. The structure, equipment and mobility of the units will enable them to be deployed flexibly.

No special regulations apply to the deployment of the divisions; they will carry out their tasks as described in the Police Act and the Police Service Regulations.

No other area of public security will be compromised by the formation of the new organisational element.


[photo credits: “Hungarian-Serbian border barrier 3” by Photo: Délmagyarország/Schmidt Andrea – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –]



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